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How to convert Blu-Ray to MKV for free

Do you have a large collection of Blu-Ray movies but fear that the discs may get ruined by inserting them often in the player? To be able to protect them as best you canconvert Blu-Ray to MKV to save as a file on your PC, so that you can review them at any time without having to worry about ruining the discs. In this guide you will see which programs you can use to convert Blu-Ray to MKV for free, without having to use paid software to do the conversion.

Convert Blu-Ray to MKV

Blu-Ray burner

To be able to convert Blu-Ray to MKV you need to supply the PC of a Blu-Ray player or burner. Compared to the past, prices are very much chosen, so you can buy a Blu-Ray burner for less than 100. If your PC does not have a Blu-Ray optical drive, you can buy one of the following models available on Amazon.

If you are interested in the internal unit you can buy the burnerLG BH16NS55.

PURCHASE LINK | Amazon.itconvert Blu-Ray to MKVIf instead you are interested in an external unit (connectable via USB to any PC) you can purchase the burnerAsus BW-16D1H-U Pro.

PURCHASE LINK | Amazon.itconvert Blu-Ray to MKV


To convert Blu-Ray to MKV you can use the MakeMKV program. This program for Windows offered for free for just 30 days in beta, but in reality once the trial period expires, just download the program again and use the license key you are trying to extend the beta again. By repeating the process at every opportunity you can take advantage of this program indefinitely, which could be considered the best program to rip Blu-Ray.

Download MakeMKV from the following link.


You can retrieve the beta activation key from the following link.

LINK | Make MKV test key

Once you have downloaded and installed the program, you can finally proceed to convert Blu-Ray to MKV. Insert the Blu-Ray disc into the reader or burner and open the program.convert Blu-Ray to MKV

To open the Blu-Ray disk just click on the symbol in the center of the program.convert Blu-Ray to MKV

A list will open with all the chapters, extra content and videos included in Blu-Ray. Select the content you want to include in the MKV file, select the final destination folder and then click on Make MKV to start converting the disc to the video file.convert Blu-Ray to MKV

The conversion speed depends on the hardware used on the PC and on the reading speed of the Blu-Ray unit used.

NOTE: the program able to rip protected Blu-Rays but not guaranteed to work on all types of protection.


The video file obtained with MakeMKV pure, without loss of quality: in fact it can easily exceed 30 GB! You can directly store this file without further steps, especially if you have space to sell. But if you have little disk space on your PC and you want to reduce the size of the video without compromising the quality too much, you can use the free program HandBrake.

DOWNLOAD | HandBrake

Download and install this program, then open it to access its interface. Now the program will ask you if you want to open a video file.convert Blu-Ray to MKVUse the File item to choose the video just generated by Blu-Ray. The program will read it and offer various conversion options.

The first steps to follow are the following:

  • Select the right file (if there are more videos) in the field Source
  • Choose the right final destination path on the Browse button, also choosing the name of the final file
  • Select as Container MKV

Here is an image that explains the steps to be taken.convert Blu-Ray to MKV

Before proceeding with the conversion you must choose the final quality of the video obtained; the program will perform a conversion with inevitable loss of quality, but choosing presets from side to right SuperHQ 1080p30 Surroundyou will get an acceptable size file with high quality audio and video.convert Blu-Ray to MKV

Just click on Start Encode to start the final conversion.convert Blu-Ray to MKVAfter some time (it all depends on the CPU you have on your PC) you will finally have your film in high quality saved in MKV on your PC, ready to be played without having to bother Blu-Ray every time.

If you then need to convert the MKV file to an AVI video file to read it to players that are not compatible with the MKV format, you should read the guide on how to convert MKV to AVI with Mac for free.