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How to avoid burn-in effect on iPhone X

The new iPhone X the first Apple device to mount a Super Retina OLED screen. However, for, during the presentation Tim Cook declared that this is the "best OLED screen in circulation", unfortunately also the display mounted on the new iPhone X, being an OLED, suffering from the annoying burn-in effect on iPhone X, called also "ghost image". To understand, that logo, icon or image, which remains imprinted on the screen for a long time, remains superimposed even if it changes image.

The common problem in displays that use OLED technology, but can be "bypassed" by following certain precautions. Read on to find out how to avoid the "burn-in" effect on the screen of the new iPhone X.

How to avoid burn-in effect on iPhone X

If you bought the new iPhone X you will surely be enjoying the brand new Super Retina OLED screen, but you may also be afraid that the "burn-in" problem may occur from one moment to the next. In fact, while the episode seems to have hit, for the moment, only some people, Apple has officially recognized the problem.burn-in effect on iPhone X

Before you despair, for, well you know that the problem occurs only after prolonged and "incorrect" use of the smartphone. Following the precautions that will show you below, it is very likely that you will never see the burn-in effect on your iPhone X.

Do not display static images for a long time: it activates the automatic switching off of the display and sets a dynamic background.

It seems quite obvious, but the main cause of the burn-in problem is the display of a static image for a long period of time. The first suggestion, therefore, is to avoid keeping the screen of the new iPhone X on for a long time, activating it automatic display off and setting one dynamic background.

You can adjust the timer to automatically turn off the display and set a dynamic background by going to the Mobile Settings and then to Display and Brightness.

Be careful also to use some applications that disable the automatic display shutdown (such as Google Maps) for a long time.

Avoid high-contrast images

Avoid displaying high-contrast images for a long period of time. Be careful with the background images you choose.

Avoid keeping the brightness at maximum

Also having the iPhone X screen with the brightness always set to maximum can increase the risk of the burn-in effect occurring. Therefore it avoids keeping the brightness at the maximum. It can be very useful to activate the automatic brightness.