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How not to be found on Facebook

If you don't want people to be able to search for our profile and therefore not be found on Facebook, in this guide you will be shown how to do it. Many times you would like only your friends and family to be able to access your profile. By default for even people living in your own city, your employer and other people can search and view your information.

While we like our friends to be able to access our profile, it would be preferable to prevent strangers or some people from accessing our photos and posts.

Fortunately, Facebook has made it possiblehide Facebook profile from prying eyes, and the Social Network has done a great job year after year always implementing new features to protect the privacy of users, and make sure not to be found on Facebook when you do not want.

If you are among those people who would like not to appear in the Facebook search and do not make their profile visible, below you will be explained the procedure to follow to make sure that you can be invisible and avoid that people can find it on Facebook.

How not to be found on Facebook

Configure privacy settings to hide Facebook profile

The first thing to do to avoid being found on Facebook is to configure the privacy settings of your profile.

  • From your PC, access the official Facebook site and log in with your profile.
  • Select the icon in the shape of a triangle at the top right and, from the moment you open it, click on Settings.

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  • Select in the left sidebar Privacy.

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  • On this page, look for the section Who can look for me? and change the three items by setting Friends by selecting the button Edit placed next to them.

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  • Also on this page, in the section Who can see my things?, make sure that the posts you post are visible only to your friends. to change this setting, select the button Edit and select Friends.

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These settings mean that through external search engines (eg Google) it is no longer possible to see your profile. When someone writes your name on Google, Facebook will not release any information related to you, as if you were not registered on the social network. In practice, how to be invisible on Facebook.

If you have any doubts or would like to suggest other methods to improve your privacy on Facebook, let us know via comments. If you have really decided to definitely leave Facebook, not really simple. For this we have prepared a guide that could help you.

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