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Google Maps, bike routes and voice commands coming soon

The new version of the Mountain View maps can be controlled by voice, even if at the moment there is no support for Italian

(Photo: Getty Images)(Photo: Getty Images)

New version of Google Maps arriving. The app that made the fortune of the Mountain View giant also one of the most cured in the microcosm of the company's services; the last version in the distribution phase in these hours on Android smartphones 8.2, which brings in various dowries.

The first unfortunately in Italy will do little good: it is the calculation of the altitude profiles of the land, which can now be used in the calculation of the routes of the users on two wheels. Cyclists in the countries in which this type of mapping is present will be able to plan routes based on the slope of the roads and have a preview of the trek that awaits them. The second novelty is more useful, but to take hold only as soon as it is translated into our language: pronouncing (very) specific commands during the journey, the navigator will be able to provide data on the traffic, the arrival time, the next indication …

A stronger accent on the voice control, in short, coherently with what Google is already doing on the home screens and waiting for the landing among the general public of the first Android Wear devices.


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