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From Hong Kong war for Apple iTunes and iPod patents

It is stated on the website of the Pat-rights that the Hong Kong company, holder of three regularly registered patents, intends to ask Apple for 12% of the profits accumulated with the sales of iPod and the iTunes Music Store.

It seems that the patent # 6665797 registered on July 9th 1998 is in conflict with the online music sales system thanks to the accreditation via user ID and password with confirmation of data by credit card, used precisely by Apple.

Pat-rights also mentions eBay, uBID, Yahoo! in addition to MusicMatch and RealNetworks along with other unspecified digital music stores on the web that would break some parts of their patent. All the "adult entertainment" sites on the Internet are also involved in this system.

"Apple has not recorded it and so we did it, we are talking about it with Apple since December, we believe we now find a fair agreement with them" the summary of the words of the lawyer Joseph J. Zito and the managing director Philip H.K. Tse, on the website of the company that has as its vocation the registration of potentially profitable patents for their investors, its motto: "we innovate, share and earn".

The term to understand if Apple cede to the requests of the Pat-rights regarding the "Internet / Remote User Identity Verification" (verification of the identity of the remote user on Intenet) on March 21st, after that date the Chinese company will appeal to the court if from Cupertino you will not receive a fee.