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Forgot your WiFi password: how to recover it

Have you connected to your friend's home WiFi network or to relatives' home but now you can't remember which password to use on the new smartphone? Recover the WiFi password of a network that you have already connected to in the past and that you have memorized, rather simple. In this guide I will show you all methods for recover a forgotten WiFi password on an Android device or on a PC with Windows. These methods help you to easily connect to WiFi networks of which you have already obtained the password and you will no longer have to request it to enter it again. These solutions do not work if you want to connect to a network without being connected to it previously.

Note: all the apps and methods proposed are intended for cognitive purposes only or to access networks for which authorization is granted. Any improper use of the proposed guide by the user, the site assumes no responsibility.

Forgotten WiFi password: the methods to recover it

WiFi Key Finder (Android)

The first valid method for recover android wifi password to use an app like WiFi Key Finder. The operation of the app is very simple: all the WiFi networks to which we connect save a hidden file on Android containing the name of the network and the password to access it; in this way, every time it falls within the scope of the wireless network, the smartphone will "remember" the password and connect automatically. WiFi Key Finder does nothing but read this hidden file, showing the networks and passwords the smartphone has already accessed.Forgot your WiFi password

Thus recovering a forgotten WiFi password of a network is already really a walk! The app to access the hidden area where the file is present requires root permissions; so you can't use this app, unless you've already enabled root permissions on your smartphone.

You can download WiFi Key Finder for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |WiFi Key Finder – (APK format)

ES File Manager (Android)

Instead of using an external app to browse Android system files to recover the forgotten WiFi password, you can do it yourself with a file manager that supports browsing with root permissions. The best I would recommend ES File Manager.Forgot your WiFi password

If your device has root permissions, you just need to open ES File Manager (no longer present on Play Store but you can install it in the APK format), open the left side menu and activate the Root Explorer function (a window to confirm permissions will appear of root). Once you've granted the right permissions, you'll just need to take you to the device's internal memory and search for the folder:


Inside it you will find the file wpa_supplicant.conf; select it and open it with ES Note Editor, you will find all the already known WiFi networks and the related access passwords.

You can download ES File Manager for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |ES File Manager

Recover password without root (Android)

Recover a forgotten WiFi password without using root permissions virtually impossible on the vast majority of Android devices. The only exceptions are Chinese smartphones, in particular Xiaomi-branded smartphones: on these smartphones, available for each network to which you are connected, the "share the password" feature that allows you to recover a wireless network password simply by sharing it (on a chat in WhatsApp or on other types of chat).

To take advantage of this feature, just connect to the network whose WiFi password you want to recover and click on the network name in the WiFi menu.

A QR code will appear, ready and you will be able to recover the password both reading this code and sharing it in a chat.

WirelessKeyView (Windows)

If you intend to recover the forgotten WiFi password on Windows I suggest you try the program WirelessKeyView, available for free at the following link (scroll down to the Feedback section to find download links).

DOWNLOAD |WirelessKeyView

The portable program, so just start it to get the necessary information.WiFi Password forgotten WirelessKeyView

Once the program is open you will find all the networks to which you have already connected with the PC and the plaintext passwords, available in the Key column (Ascii).

You can also try using the methods we have proposed in the guide on how to find the Wi-Fi password on PC and Mac if you have lost or forgotten it.

More apps to recover passwords

If recommended methods to recover forgotten WiFi password or display wifi password to which you are connected were not enough, you can try the guide on how to recover Wi-Fi passwords saved on Android and iOS provided with root and jailbreak permissions. Or you can try one of the following apps for find passwords,also of WiFi networks to which we have never connected. If the WiFi network is affected by a vulnerability (usually WPS), it will be possible to use it to recover the password of our network or a nearby WiFi network, only for testing.

Obviously it will be your pleasure to immediately change this password if the WiFi network on the test is yours, as any neighbor can use the same app to scrounge your Internet connection.