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Film in original language with subtitles: learn a language for free

Film in original language

There are many ways to correctly learn a new foreign language, one of the most effective ways to watch a film in the original language with Italian subtitles. The next step is to see the same movie but with subtitles in the original language. In this way you can easily associate an idea or a sentence with a series of words and their pronunciation, considering that it is much easier to read than to understand a foreign language (at least at the first levels of learning). In this guide I will show you the best sites with which you can watch films in native speakers with subtitles using streaming content, so as to constantly improve the pronunciation and understanding of any language.

Films in native speakers with subtitles


One of the simplest ways to watch films in native speakers with subtitles is to take advantage of the most popular streaming video platform: YouTube. This site offers the possibility to see a good number of films and videos in streaming with the addition of subtitles.

LINK | YouTube

Films in native speakers with subtitles

The subtitles can be of two types: provided in the video interface, just press on the appropriate button …

… or integrated into the video itself. To find this kind of video, just use special keywords, such as the ones suggested below:

  • Complete movies underway
  • Complete subENG movies
  • Full Movie sub
  • Full movie sub + (language to learn)

It will be so very easy to learn by using films in native speakers with subtitles.


Films in native speakers with subtitles

Another very useful site to watch films in native speakers with Speechyard subtitles. This site collects a large quantity of videos, short films and films in the original language with the possibility of seeing each other with subtitles, both in Italian and in English, the most important language to learn in this period. You just need to visit this site to immediately start enjoying movies in native speakers with subtitles.

The site accessible from the following link.

LINK | Speechyard

Subtitles with VLC

If the original language movie is present as a video file on your PC, you can use VLC to get the subtitles. Download VLC first of all for free from the following link.


Open the video you want to play with subtitles and press View -> Download Subtitles.

Films in native speakers with subtitles

A small window will open where you can choose the language of the subtitles and look for the most suitable ones for the movie you are playing.

Films in native speakers with subtitles

A lot of subtitles are really available, just search for them and click on the most appropriate ones. VLC will play them automatically together with the chosen video.

You can also use other services to watch films in native speakers, but they do not have subtitles, in this guide you will see how and where to look for them:

LINK | Sites for downloading subtitles Movies and TV Series



iTVmovie a site that allows you to watch movies in English for free with English subtitles, and the simplest of this list. You'll find lots of movies and TV series in English with subtitles also in English. You can choose to watch the movie or download it to watch it on your PC even offline.

LINK | iTVmovie

Other guides

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