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Facebook, to chat on the move Messenger will be mandatory

In the coming days, if you want to send and receive mobile messages, you will have to download the Messenger app and do it from l. Zuckerberg wants to turn Messenger into the best private messaging service from mobile devices

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<p>Nothing lasting, especially when it comes to Facebook. The news of the day that soon we will say goodbye to instant chat, because now the goal of Mark Zuckerberg is to <strong>make Messenger the best service for private messaging</strong> from mobile devices.</p><div class=

If it is still not clear, in the coming days, if you would like to send and receive private mobile messages via Facebook, you will need to download the Messenger app and do it from there. Using this app you can exchange not only messages, but also photos and videos in a much easier and faster way (at least according to what Facebook tells us).

Messenger currently has more than 200 million active users per month (+5 million in Italy only),that send more than12 billion messagesevery day through lapp.We are therefore talking about a fifth of the total Facebook user base and it would not be surprising if this number of subscribers and activating quickly meet an impressive increase. Facebook business projects, according to forecasts , should allow Messenger to shorten the gap from WhatsApp, thatcountsat present more than 500 million active users every month.

Zuckerberg's move also outlines on the one hand the growing willingness to promote e to differentiate the use of the appscompared to the more traditional use of the browser for user navigation; on the other hand the intention to significantly increase the number of people using Facebook Messenger.

According to the Facebook headquarters this change will also contribute over time to improve performance of both platforms. However, a question arises: what role will it play in everythingWhatsapp? In the coming months (and perhaps they will be few) the arduous sentence.


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