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Facebook tests the breaking news in chronological order

Facebook is testing the possibility of reporting some posts with the breaking news tag: a red tag under the news that appears in chronological order in the feed

Facebook is testing breaking news, a tag that can be added to a news item (only once every 24 hours) that will be included in feeds in chronological order.

Facebook in fact setsa cookie to keep you logged in, but you don't set one to remember if you want to display a news feed in chronological order. This can make it difficult to understand at a glance how old a story in your feed can be. To counter this problem, the social network is giving some publications access to a "breaking news" tag for their posts. The red tag is on is under the image of a post and highlights how long ago it was published. You can mark a story between 15 minutes and six hours of elapsed time in this way and the method can be used once every 24 hours.

Facebook and breaking news in chronological order

At the moment the list of publishers who can use the non-large feature and include ABC News and Vox Media, and Facebook is limiting the list of media organizations involved. The tag breaking news will not weigh on the ranking of a post in the Facebook algorithms, at least not yet. Part of the test should define whether a story marked as breaking news should have precedence over other posts in the news feed.

Facebook breaking news in journalism project

Facebook has been working with news organizations on the different ways of publishing, hosting and promoting their stories for a while. Instant Articles, for example, fast-loading news versions hosted on the Facebook platform, made their debut a few years ago. Then there is the divided News Feed which keeps the pages and friends' messages separated from one another, and the Explore feed. At the moment Facebook has not provided further details.

facebook tag breaking news