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Facebook Communities Summit 2018 in Europe, celebrates communities

L8 and 9 February 2018 London will host the Facebook Communities Summit 2018: a great event dedicated to the communities. Registrations are open

L8 and 9 February 2018 London ospiter the Facebook Communities Summit 2018: a great event dedicated to the communities. Of the approximately 2 billion users globally, more than half use Facebook Groups as a virtual place on which to share their passions and interests, meet, learn and exchange advice and information.

Facebook Communities Summit 2018

Facebook's mission to give people the power to create communities and make the world more united. We are aware that every day millions of people use Facebook to start projects, share experiences, suggestions or simply to meet each other. The second edition of the Facebook Community Summit, will be held London on 8 and 9 February 2018: the administrators of Groups, Pages and Events will have the possibility to share experiences, meet experts who will help them develop perfected use of the available tools and receive valuable suggestions for the management of their community. Starting today, the administrators interested in participating at this event they can register at LINK.As Mark Zuckerberg stated in his letter of 6 February 2017, building a global community that works begins with the millions of small communities and social structures that help us share our emotions and needs. Through the Groups, the Pages and the Events we can, together, gather around what matters most for each of us.

Facebook Communities Summit 2018

The Facebook Communities Summit 2018 is held in London

Facebook Community in Italy

Even in Italy there are numerous examples that show how many people, on Facebook, make use of these tools to connect with each other and talk about topics of interest to them.

Here are some testimonies:The Facebook group MaMi (Mamme Milano) born from my need as a new mother to find a place to share experiences, doubts and fears with other mothers in my city.

In the group mothers can find many answers, support and solidarity – the key that allowed for example a single Apulian mother to be able to move to Milan: thanks to the group she found useful contacts for a new home and a new life. Many have even offered to look after their child during interviews. MaMi creates many connections every day and has given birth to new friendships, not only virtual. Having created a tool that can really help mothers in managing their daily lives fills me with pride every day. – Federica Migliorini founder of the group MaMi

Facebook Communities Summit 2018: Fight The Stroke

"The only place in the world where I feel understood". I'm glad to take the words of a mother-caregiver in reference to Youth Support Group for ICTUS survivors. Having activated this platform since 2014 has allowed us to reach parents in the square most visited by them and provide support and knowledge sharing. Today we represent the only community of reference for these young patients and their families in Italy; a careful moderation, together with the tools recently made available by Facebook (possibility of reading insights and input filtering questions) help us daily to provide a connection service between health facilities in the area and families dispersed throughout Italy, and online with other countries. Today the group on Facebook has replaced de facto mutual-aid tools such as forums, in a democratic and easily accessible way, without discriminating by language, geographical location or access costs: a simply inclusive platform, in line with Fightthestroke's mission . Thanks to this group we have identified emergencies to be diverted to specialists (eg seizures in onset) and developed remote crowdsourced rehabilitation solutions (eg the Mirrorable platform). " Francesca Fedeli President and founder of

Facebook Communities Summit 2018: Mothers at Work

Mothers at Work was born in February 2016 and in less than two years the group reached 16,500 people, only thanks to word of mouth (it is in fact a closed group, not for profit and managed for free). From mother to mother, the community grows by sharing and supporting some basic principles including, first and foremost, mutual help in a time of difficulty. Many women, in fact, forced to leave their jobs, have to reinvent themselves every day, not only to contribute to the economy of the family, but also to show the world that everyone has the right to be professionally fulfilled. We are happy with how our project is evolving: we wanted to create a connection, a network between professionals and artisans and we succeeded also and above all thanks to the precious support of our members. No coincidence that the phrase they tell us more often if I do not connect for a day, I am sad: you have become my family! Giorgia Ercolani, head of the group's external relations Mothers at Work

Facebook Communities Summit 2018: RunLovers

"We see the Groups as aggregations of people with the same interest and, for this reason, we wanted to give all the readers of Runlovers a serene space for meeting, confrontation, help and sharing, in line with our style of seeing running and sport. "In the end a true community was created – starting from the site and from the Page – which is continually growing and sharing passions. In short, with the Group we have seen first hand the concept of "glocalization" and, thanks to moderation, we can keep the tone of the discussion always within the limits of mutual respect. Sandro, Martino and Grazia, administrators of Runlovers Club

Facebook Communities Summit 2018: Social Street

Primary objective of Social Street reactivate social relations in limited territorial areas, such as the condominium, the street or the residential district, based on three fundamental principles,such as socializing, gratuitousness, inclusion, to recreate that sense of lost community, outside of any profit logic. For us it was fundamental to learn to manage through Facebook and to grow both numerically and qualitatively an initially only virtual community, stimulating relationships of knowledge and trust that then allowed us to move on to real knowledge, as our motto expresses: From the Virtual to the Real to Virtuous. Today there are over 470 groups in the world, with the involvement of more than 200,000 members starting from September 2013, the moment of the birth of the first Residents group in via Fondazza Bologna Social Street today and in constant growth Federico Bastiani and Luigi Nardacchione, founders of Social Street

Facebook Communities Summit 2018: SocialGnok

"The group #socialgnock born spontaneously for the pleasure of bringing together Italian women, but also foreign residents, who deal with communication on social networks at every level, professional or amateur. Soon we realized that the interests that the community shared were endless, always constructive confrontation and the desire to always help and confront each other ? Valentina D'Amico, founder of #socialgnock

"And so we activated passionate community managers and established some rules, the most important of which is the ban on publishing links: it was the strength of the community, sharing for the sake of doing it and not for promotion for its own sake" Lorena Di Stasi, founder of #socialgnock