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Facebook asks for a selfie to prove its identity

Facebook, the social media giant may require users to send a clear selfie to prove they are not a bot

The social media giant may require users to submit a selfies clear to prove that you are not a bot. Facebook believes it will help keep users safe.

A selfie to show identity on Facebook

Facebook may ask you to upload a clear selfie of your face to show that you are not a robot. Based on what was reported by the Daily Mail, a screenshot shared on social media showed the image of a Facebook screen that asked the user to upload a photo that clearly showed his own face. Some users claimed to have been blocked while Facebook was reviewing the uploaded image.

New security rules for Facebook

A Facebook spokesman said that this new security rule will help them seize suspicious activity at various interaction points on the platform, from creating an account to sending friend requests, to creating ads for their company pages.

At this point it is not clear how long Facebook has already used this method, but some account holders claim that the practice dates back to April.

When Facebook detects suspicious activity on the platform, it asks the owner to prove that he is a real person by uploading a clear image that clearly shows the face. The review team then checks the images on the account and then deletes the image from the server.

The selfie on Facebook to delete Fake accounts

Another reason why Facebook has used this method to determine whether the real account. The social media giant claims that many accounts have turned out to be fake accounts and this method helps to eliminate fake accounts.

One user claims that Facebook asked her to upload a picture of her face. When he added the image, he told her that the image was not valid.

Selfie on Facebook for a double check

After the selected users have uploaded an image of their face, Facebook temporarily blocks them and users receive an e-mail notification after their image has been reviewed and the account unlocked.

Just a few weeks ago, Facebook was heavily criticized when it asked users to send photos of themselves naked, in order to allow social media to block any pornographic vendettas at a later time. It was revealed that employees would see the nude images before modifying them and creating a "fingerprint".

The anti-revenge-porn test started in Australia

Currently, Facebook is testing the plan to combat pornographic vendettas in Australia. Facebook has asked users to send their nude photos via Messenger.

No company should ever ask for nude photos for the theoretical purpose of protecting users from pornographic vendettas because hackers and disgruntled employees are certainly not lacking.

Facebook states that both new policies are necessary for the protection of its users.

facebook selfie confirm identity

Facebook ready to ask users for a selfie to prove their identity