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Facebook and artificial intelligence against suicides

The new tool developed by Facebook uses artificial intelligence to recognize users in difficulty showing suicidal tendencies.

After the preliminary phase, the system is almost ready to be definitely finalized: the Facebook algorithms will know when a registered user has intention to commit suicide.

Facebook and artificial intelligence against suicides

Facebook uses artificial intelligence against suicides

In recent times the spotlight on artificial intelligence, and the skills of educated robots able to learn, have raised so many concerns that Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, was encouraged to make an encouraging announcement on his social network bulletin board. , Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the social team that boasts more than 2 billion active users at work for give support to people in difficulty.

There are many cases in which people who had decided to end their lives also felt the need to express your discomfort through the digital diary, and for this reason that Facebook experts are trying to create an innovative system.

Prevention with artificial intelligence and big data

The new algorithm allows the brain to recognize alarming situations through the identification of keywords published both by the user, who is revealing of live a difficult situation and dangerous, but also of friends who comment with phrases that suggest concern about the safety of the same.

After several hundred cases of risk situations subjected to and analyzed by the system, algorithms can more accurately recognize through machine learning when necessary to intervene to support someone who experiences a problem.

Reporting to the support team

Being now more precise in recognizing when a user is really thinking of putting their lives at risk, it is easier for the selected reports to arrive in time to the team of specialists ready to intervene by contacting the paramedics in case of emergency. times faster, with a level of precision that offers the possibility of helping people who experience discomfort in a more effective and timely manner that never.

Artificial intelligence at the service of man

With this announcement, Facebook not only wants to share the new powerful tool that helps in the prevention of suicides, but also to pass on a very clear message. Artificial intelligence, unlike what was feared even by great world leaders, not a threat for the human race, indeed: today more than ever we could exploit it with wisdom and awareness to our advantage.

In this case, for example, thanks to AI calculations, it is possible to rescue a user who shows suicidal tendencies through his own behavior on the famous social network, saving lives in fact and demonstrating that artificial intelligence can be anything but an instrument of destruction for mankind.