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English movies with subtitles: how to see them for free

English movies with subtitles

Is it time to learn the English language and be able to speak it fluently? Nothing beats English films with subtitles in the same language to practice with that which for many is a new language (or a language studied "badly" at school time). In this guide I will show you the free methods with which you can watch films in English with subtitles without necessarily having to attend an English language refresher course. In the guide you will see both how to watch free movies in streaming and how to integrate subtitles in the movies you have saved locally on your PC.

English movies with subtitles

The reasons why we look for films with subtitles are different. During a language learning course it can be useful to follow the dialogues also in written form to learn the pronunciation better. Or because you are watching a movie in English and not knowing this language, it would be convenient for you to follow it with Italian subtitles. For whatever reason you have decided to watch movies or TV series with subtitles, read on to discover some online services that can be useful for the purpose.

Movies on YouTube

The first method really available to everyone: visit the famous video sharing site to find hundreds of films in English with subtitles. You can proceed by visiting one of the following channels, full of free English movies.

Alternatively you can use one of the following search keys on YouTube to find films in English with subtitles:

  • full movie ENG
  • movie ENG
  • full movie subENG
  • complete movies

In any case, before starting to watch the film, make sure that the subtitles in English are included in the video player in the browser, as shown in the image below.

English film with subtitles


SnagFilms a free streaming video content service that provides users with over 5,000 independent films, TV shows and documentaries. also available in App version for Android and Apple smartphones, as well as streaming media players and game consoles.

snagfilms online

LINK | SnagFilms

Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online an excellent free service of films, TV series and streaming online documentaries that offers classic and vintage films. You will not find recent films, but to learn the language can be fine. After searching for your favorite video by writing the title or searching by genre, click on + view and start watching the movie immediately. If the subtitles are not activated, you must click on the first icon on the bottom left and they will be activated.

Classic Cinema Online

LINK | Classic Cinema Online


Moviewatcher among the best on this list, because it contains a substantial amount of popular, high quality films, even recent ones. The only drawback that you need to create a free account to view video content.

movie watcher

LINK | MovieWatcher


As an alternative to YouTube, you can use the Speechyard site to enjoy movies in English with subtitles. The site reachable at the link below and you can watch movies directly in your original streaming language on your PC.

LINK | Speechyard

English film with subtitles

This site was created as a didactic tool to learn the English language with the support of subtitles, therefore the ideal to reach the goal you had set for yourself. There are short films specially created to learn the English language, so you can understand how to use the English language even in everyday life.

In Speechyard you can find interesting features. For example, if you move the mouse over the words on the computer, you will see its meaning in real time. By clicking on the word, this will be added to your personal word archive.

Speechyard "class =" wp-image-59725 "srcset =" // 1043w, // /uploads/2017/09/Speechyard-1-150x91.jpg 150w, // 300w, // /wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Speechyard-1-768x466.jpg 768w, // 1024w "data-sizes = "(max-width: 1043px) 100vw, 1043px" /></figure>
<p>As we have said, this specific site for learning the language, so on Speechyard you can directly contact other users in a chat and messaging with them and <strong>to study English</strong> directly on the site, by clicking on the "Community" button on the top bar. You can enter the site for free by registering manually or automatically with your Facebook account and you will have a limited free view. To upgrade to the PRO version and eliminate the daily limit, you must purchase an annual subscription of $ 59.99.</p>
<h3><span class=iTVMovie

If you are looking for a good movie in English with subtitles you cannot overlook iTVMovie, one of the most popular online movie and TV series in language and also the simplest of this list. Just open the site after the free registration and you will immediately find a huge amount of films and TV series in English with subtitles, these too in English. Another positive aspect is the possibility of watching the film in streaming or downloading it to view it in your offline PC.

LINK | iTVMovie

itvmovie "class =" wp-image-59727 "srcset =" // 1024w, // /uploads/2017/09/itvmovie-150x69.jpg 150w, // 300w, // /uploads/2017/09/itvmovie-768x354.jpg 768w, // 1218w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 1024px) 100vw , 1024px "/></figure>
<p>You will find a large archive in which you can search for films by genre, by country language or by year of release. The very simple selection method, from the movie posters that appear on the front page, you can select the one that interests you and click on the different options for viewing the film. In particular, you must try to click on Version 1, Version 2, etc. that you find under the display box, until you find the available service that allows you to watch the movie. You will probably have to close the advertising banner that could open and immediately start watching the video.</p>
<figure class=watch films in English

If you start viewing the movie without subtitles, you need to click on the icon at the bottom right indicating a square with the letters CC and select the language of the subtitles you prefer.


Finally, I present you one of the most effective ways to add subtitles in English to the movies that you may already have on your hard drive (possibly in English to be able to learn English pronunciation correctly).

First of all download VLC for free on your PC using the following link.


Once downloaded on your PC, open the movie or video to which you want to add English subtitles with VLC and (pausing playback) brought to the menu View -> Download Subtitles.

English film with subtitles

In the window that you will see appearing you can search for the subtitles for the film using the search fields taking care to select as language Inglese.

English film with subtitles

Select the language file that you think is best for your movie and click on Download selection; English subtitles will finally be added to the film.

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