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Emoji, it's time to put your face together. Here's how to create custom stickers

Goodbye smiling yellow faces or stylized figures: the real protagonists of the messages will be your shots. With Imojiapp you can create custom stickers in a few simple steps

Give free rein to creativity and flood your friends with custom stickers, in a few simple steps. born a few days ago an interesting application capable of transform your photos into Emoji: We are talking about Imojiapp, available for free at the moment only for iOS devices.

foto emoji.001

Goodbye smiling yellow faces and stick figures: the real protagonists of the messages will be your shots. Create a simple custom sticker. After logging in with one of the available modes – Facebook login or email – you need to click on the stylized face and choose the subject of your Emoji. The app in fact allows you to select between web images, photos already present on your smartphone or take one shot at a time.

Once you have immortalized the subject, you have the possibility of centering the image within the frame and possibly deleting the unwanted parts through the central button, to obtain an even more fun cut-out effect. After choosing whether to make your Emoji private or public, the app contains the modified photo in a simple card.

foto emoji.002

At this point, by dragging towards the center of the circle the created Emoji, you can send your creation to friends via message.

foto emoji.003

"Imoji makes your texts more you". Well, all that remains is to prove it.


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