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Copy Agent, a bug a solution

Copy Agent, a bug a solution

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CopyAgent, the new Connectix utility that automates some copying operations we talked about in the past few days, refuses to work if installed simultaneously with Alladin's TrueFinder Intergration, and Documents to Go. At Connectix they say they are working to solve the problem but if you have urgent need to continue using the two products a solution there. Just remove the Documents to Go Plug-In from the Contextual Menu folder in System Folder and everything works perfectly. Once this operation has been completed to translate the documents you must drag them onto the icon (or on the alias) of Documents to Go, since the Documents to go option has disappeared from the contextual menu, which can be activated with the command ctrl + click, but it is a minor effort. The problem, in any case, appears to last reduced thunderstorm, as CopyAgent, like all extensions, will no longer work with Mac OS X. Who writes is using CopyAgent for a few days and it seems to us to work to wonder, but we remember that those who have not yet switched to OS 9 can get the same functions with SpeedDoubler 8. The price of 39 dollars, not 20 as we previously communicated (that was the special price of macWorld), however always keeping an eye on the site it is possible to get the cross-upgrade from SpeedDoubler 9 to 29 dollars. Connectix has provided conflicting versions even to us who have contacted them directly at MacWorld on different days. We suggest registered SpeedDoubler users to send an email directly to Connectix technical support: among the information received it seems that the special upgrade is valid until July 31 … (Edited by Beniamino Cenci Goga)

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