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Calculate motorway tolls (Web and smartphone)

Highway toll calculation

Anyone driving a car knows that traveling on the highway is the best way to travel long distances. Wide roads, higher cruising speeds and generally better traffic flow than state roads (completely free). But if you decide to take the motorway you have to take the costs of the highway tolls into account, which vary according to the distance traveled, the type of motorway (plain or mountain), the length and type of vehicle used. Many "venture" on motorways without taking the highway cost into account, often finding themselves with a non-negligible extra expense (especially for long distances, such as Reggio C.-Milan). But don't worry: with the following guide you can follow the highway toll calculationeven before you leave! Here you will find the best websites for calculating highway tolls and smartphone apps to always have on hand to make the calculation of the toll on the fly.

NOTE: not all motorways require a toll. With the recommended services you can also find free routes (they will mark 0 at the cost box).

Calculate motorway tolls

Autostrade for Italy

The best site to calculate highway tolls for sure Autostrade for Italy, able to provide the costs for any toll motorway section. Connect to the following address to start calculating the motorway toll.

LINK | Highway toll calculation

A page similar to the following will open.

calculate highway tolls 1

You will see a map of motorways in Italy. Follow the motorway toll on the left side of the window, as shown in the image below.

calculate highway toll 2

Fill in the fields as follows:

  • Select departure: enter the name of the motorway exit where you will begin the journey on the motorway;
  • Select arrival: enter the name of the motorway exit where you will end the journey on the motorway;
  • Vehicle class: leave car / motorcycle if you use this type of vehicle, otherwise select your vehicle.

At the end press OK to calculate the motorway toll. You will see the price to pay for the selected route.

Highway toll calculation 3

In the map that will show the site you will also be able to see useful reports (such as construction sites, closed service stations or accidents) so that you can plan your trip in all its aspects.

Android app for calculating motorway tolls

If you don't want to turn on your PC or you're already on your way to the highway you can use your smartphone to compute the motorway toll. If you have an Android smartphone you can download Tolls, a free app available at the following link.


Highway toll calculation 4

It is enough to indicate the departure and arrival tollbooths in the respective fields and press the button Search for.You will see the cost of the toll on the smartphone screen.

Highway toll calculation 5

In my case, for a trip from Cava de 'Tirreni to Candela, I will pay 13.90 of highway, divided into 2 to be paid at the entrance to the Cava de ?Tirreni tollbooth and 11.90 to be paid on leaving Candela.

Would you also like to calculate the fuel costs together with the toll costs? Find out when your car is used in the mixed section and enter it at the bottom of the section Fuel consumption.

Highway toll calculation 6

For a car that consumes 4 liters of diesel per 100 km (a good average for a Euro 6 diesel machine) you will spend 8.96 fuel, raising the total to 22.86.

A friendly app for all motorists who often use the motorway but do not want to pay Telepass or ViaCard to use them.

IPhone app to calculate highway tolls

If you have an Apple device as a smartphone you can use the toll-free app, available at the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Toll cost (1.99)

Highway toll calculation 7

Use it really very simple: enter the entry and exit tollgates in the respective entries and press Calculate the toll. The costs for each type of vehicle will appear; for cars and motorcycles use Class A as a reference for tolls to be paid.

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