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Best sites to turn photos into cartoons

This is not essentially a primary need, but sometimes it can be useful to be able to transform photos in cartoons. It happened to me more than once that I had to do it, getting very nice and funny results. The simple method, just insert a photo and as a result you will get a cartoned image, that will be created cartoon effect. It can be nice to insert a photo of a friend or family member and get the image with the characters of a comic.

If you want to try transform photos into caricatures is make a cartoon without having the graphic skills, I decided to simplify your work, collecting in a short list the 4 best sites for turning photos into cartoons, or at least those with whom I found myself in cartoons

Sites to transform photos into cartoons

This is a really well done site in my opinion. It offers you the possibility to import photos from your computer, from Facebook or from a url. Once you have introduced the source from which the site will get the image, you will just need to click onSave and share to be able to personally take advantage of the retouched image. If you want to continue editing your image directly on the site, you can inform yourself a bit about the features offered thanks to some commands that you might find useful.


This site is a bit more limited than the previous one, however for what you have to do if you are reading this article, more than enough in my opinion. I'll just click onChoose Filetowards the end of the page, import the desired image, introduce a kind of Title and transform it into a cartoon by clicking onPhoto to Cartoon.


I think this is the most complete and well done site on the list. Unlike the previous ones, in fact, its features are not limited to providing you with the means to transform your images into cartoons, but they also allow you to completely edit your photos thanks to many effects and functions. Having said that, the procedure to convert your images into cartoons is slightly complicated. However, you only need to click on Get Started, Upload to upload the image, choose the source and then use the menu on the left to edit it. Among the various items and effects you will also be able to access the functions used to transform images into cartons.


This site compared to the previous Befunky is easier to use and very quick to use. Cartoonize a web application to convert photos into cartoonswith a simple click.The very simple procedure, just upload a photo from your computer and press the button cartoonize to transform the image into cartoon, choosing the cartoon effect you prefer to use. Once the card image is created, you can download it to your computer or share it on social media.

As we have said, these are not professional services if you have tomake a cartoon from a photo, but sometimes it can be nice to make a caricature of your friend and share it on Facebook or Pinterest.