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BBM, finally also on Windows Phone

The version for the Microsoft operating system of the messaging app so appreciated by BlackBerry users arrives (too late)

(Photo: Blackberry)(Photo: Blackberry)

In the end the Canadian home made it: after a long wait and a few weeks of private beta, the release started a few hours ago in the Windows Phone store of the public beta of BlackBerry Messenger, the instant messaging service that represents one of the most substantial assets of the former dominatrix company of the smartphone world.

The app for the Microsoft operating system reaches almost a year away from the iOs and Android versions and at the moment, in addition to a graphical interface already extremely clean and pleasant, includes support for Windows Phone live tiles and basic service features: cross-platform chat, delivery and read notification, photo sharing, voice notes, location and contacts. The developers know they are already working on version 2.0 to match it with their counterparts in competing operating systems.


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