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Ati: we were wrong

Ati: we were wrong

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ATI, after a few days of embarrassed silence admits: "We were wrong" and assumes all responsibility for the leak of information on the new Apple systems that took place the day before Steve Job's keynote. Admission of guilt comes directly from the company spokesman Canadian Brian Chadderton talking about the story to IDG News Service. "That information was wrongly provided to BusinessWire – says Chadderton – and we do not exempt ourselves from our responsibilities". A full admission of guilt that also seems to be an extreme attempt to repair one of the worst PR disasters that we remember in recent times in the Mac environment. After the leak, in fact, ATI claimed that Apple would release an iMac with Rage 4XL card and PowerMac with Radeon, Jobs was so upset that he ordered to remove all Radeon cards from the machines on display at the Expo, to delete the Radeon name from the machine specifications and to expel ATI representatives from space that had been reserved for them during the keynote. The immediate result was the virtual disappearance of ATI from the Expo and the postponement of the date of the Radeon debut on Mac. Just the possibility that this event could be the pretext that Apple was trying to expel ATI definitively from its suppliers' state one of the hot topics of the post MacWorld Expo. According to some sources that want to remain anonymous cited in recent days by many websites, in fact, to date Steve Jobs has no longer had any dialogue with the heads of ATI and has deleted any roadmap for upgrading the video cards of the Mac computer. In the past, Apple would have had no alternative to the Radeons, but today there are producers who would make golden bridges to the Cupertino company in order to install their products in machines with the Apple. 3dfx, for example, has practically finished its Voodoo 5 that are now ready to take the place on high-end systems, Nvidia could release its GeForce 2MX by September, the ideal chip for iBooks and iMacs. Hence the conviction that ATI is doing everything, including an explicit admission of guilt, to limit the damage caused by the leaking of information that could have catastrophic consequences for a company that is not at the maximum of its financial health. Interpelled on the future of the Radeons in the Mac Chadderton has argued that "the dialogue in this regard is still open even if every statement in this regard must come from Apple". On the part of Apple, for now, no comment comes, but as the need to update 3D cards becomes more pressing every day that this stall may not last long. The impression that in the end we will see Radeon cards in the Macs, but also that the privileged relationship between Apple and ATI has ended forever and that the landscape, for the benefit of consumers, will open up to competition.

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