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Asimo, smarter and faster than ever

Asimo, Honda's weightless humanoid robot, has lost 6 pounds and become faster, but above all much smarter.

The new capabilities of Asimo

Asimo, the humanoid robot of Honda, lost weight (he lost 6 kilos) and became faster (he now walks at 9 km / h), but above all much smarter. Asimo born in 2000, but in recent years Honda remained almost silent on this revolutionary project. Only recently, after having consolidated several improvements, has it announced a new version, ready to amaze. The new intelligence of the robot allows him, for example, to recognize the conversations that take place between different people and keep track of what each of the participants says, even if the voices overlap. Another novelty is the possibility of interrupting an activity, starting another, ending it and returning to the initial activity, continuing to carry it out until execution. This ability becomes essential to perform some simple domestic tasks such as opening a container (first activity), pouring the contents into a glass (second activity), closing the container (return to the first activity). Moreover, today Asimo can take the direction that a person takes, basing his evaluation on space sensors, in this way he can quickly calculate an alternative direction to follow in order not to collide with the person. In short, he manages to avoid clashes by walking down the street, which is simple for us but requires very complex calculations for a robot. All the new features make Asimo increasingly suitable for performing tasks for man and assisting him by living by his side. a robot that is learning about social life.