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Apple Car, patents to reinvent mirrors and windows

Apple has obtained the registration of two new patents relating to the automotive world. The first has a rather mysterious title, "synchronized windows". The idea is to allow those inside the car to switch on the internal lighting system without it being seen from outside. The windows should be covered with a darkening layer, probably with liquid crystals, and both the lights and the windows should flash in sync and at such a high speed that the human eye is not able to perceive it.

The second patent, on the other hand, studies various methods to improve the design of the side mirrors. Among the options examined is the expansion of a technology that today is now quite common, namely that of the electrically folding mirrors: Apple suggests that this operation, which is generally performed at the end of your journey, could also be done during the trip. The mirror would be closed by default, but as soon as the internal camera detects that the driver is looking towards it it would be opened.

Another proposal indicates instead the possibility that the mirrors are integrated directly into the bodywork car's main feature, and that with the use of lenses and other optical elements it is possible to offer the vision of the same surface as a traditional mirror. Finally, a third hypothesis thinks of the total elimination of the optical elements in favor of a completely digital system, substantially consisting of video cameras and monitors. This is nothing new, of course; however, the Apple patent considers that the image could be processed in real time in such a way as to offer a user experience more similar to that of a traditional mirror.

As we have seen in the past, the publication of automobile patents continues, although the future of Project Titan (amicably called the Apple Car) is uncertain. Certainly the Apple wants to continue working in the automotive sector: even if it never makes its car, it is investing a lot in developing an autonomous driving system.