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An adapter for Cinema Display

An adapter for Cinema Display

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Apple would be working with a third party to build an adapter that could connect the Cinema Display on new Macs with an ADC port. The site of the British magazine MacUser that cites anonymous sources anticipates it today. According to the Apple newspaper, it would have already made detailed agreements in this regard with an unspecified producer even before the MacWorld Expo. At the moment it would not yet be possible to establish a release date for the adapter and therefore the Cupertino company would have decided not to issue any statement in this regard. MacUser hypothesizes that, in any case, it will take at least two or three months before seeing an adapter appear with these characteristics. In the past few days the news that the new Macs were not able to support the prestigious (and expensive) Apple Cinema Display, had aroused much perplexity and concern on the part of the buyers of the monitor. Now the hope that Apple could also think of an adapter to allow the new monitors to work also on computers with normal VGA connection. In this way the new 15 flat, the new cinema display and the new CRT 17 ? could also be used on PCs and old Macs.

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