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A dream that fades away?

A dream that fades away?

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Voodoo for Mac, a broken myth. Perhaps really too early to draw a conclusion like this by reading the uninspiring performance of the new 3dfx board, but certainly at first sight difficult to react differently. The many sites that have been able to test the 3D accelerator, in fact all, unanimously, report performance far below those that had made our mouths water by reading the reviews of the card on PC machines. To get an idea of ??what we're talking about just take a look, among many others, at excellent Sharky Extreme hardware testing site. In fact, the journalist compared not only a multi-processor Voodoo 5 card with an ATI RAGE 128 but also the two cards with a Voodoo 5 on a Pentium III 933 MHz. The results say that the Intel machine outclasses the Mac in the 3D beyond double at 640 × 480 resolution and triple at 1280 × 1024 resolution. A beating really without excuse and that to attribute more than to the beta drivers of the Voodoo to the obsolescence of some components of the Mac hardware. But what appears more disconcerting that the Voodoo certainly comes out winner from the comparison with the ATI RAGE, but not with the margin we could have expected. Even at the lowest resolutions the RAGE does better than 3dfx, really incredible if you think that between the two products there are 18 months of difference. Only at 1280 × 1024 the Voodoo clearly beats the ATI. And that there is not that big difference in the field is also demonstrated by MacBench's publishing tests, indeed, RAGE beats Voodoo. In Graphics the parts are reversed but 3dfx wins with a very small margin. the only undisputed and indisputable advantage factor for Voodoo in image quality, thanks to some effects implemented in the chip. At the conclusion of the test Sharky Extreme draws interlocutory but somehow not very comforting conclusions for those who believed they could get their hands on a product that would have wiped out the difference in performance in the gaming world between Macs and PCs. According to the site that intends to do 2D has no reason to update the ATI. The RAGE 128 is more than sufficient for this purpose and Voodoo does not provide any concrete advantage. Those who think about doing 3D can instead consider buying. The quality of the images, thanks to the anti-aliasing of full screen and other effects not implemented by the RAGE really unmatched. Do not think to get the 99 frames per second possible in Quake on a Pentium 933. With a Mac you will have to settle for 45 frames per second. Always an interesting result but not very far from that obtainable with a Voodoo 3 and even a Voodoo 2 or a Rage 128 that cost respectively half or nothing compared to Voodoo 5. Hope, certainly not very well founded, than with the release of the drivers final the situation may change, but the impression that before will have to change many things especially on the motherboard of the Mac.

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