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8 best iPhone 7 Plus screen protectors you can buy

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are very similar in what they offer, but if you are a smartphone enthusiast, we recommend iPhone 7 Plus. The 7 Plus dual camera offers exceptional quality and capabilities, such as optical zoom, effect creation bokeh and much more. Not everything, as the iPhone 7 Plus probably the best smartphone of the two, with a bigger and higher display and a bigger battery. So if you bought an iPhone 7 Plus or plan to buy one, you've made a good choice. Well, since you paid a large amount for the iPhone 7, we suggest getting a screen protector to protect the device, because you wouldn't want the screen to be scratched or shattered, right? To help you, here are the 8 best screensavers for iPhone 7 Plus that you can buy:

1. Ultra Clear Armorsuit Screen Protector for iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus features a gorgeous screen and, if you want maximum clarity while protecting it, you should get the Armorsuit ultra clear screen protector. Super thin screen protector optically transparent and UV resistant, so it shouldn't get a yellow shade over time. On the protection front, scratch-proof and made of military grade material, so it should offer decent protection. It also has self-healing properties and offers resistance against oil, stains and dust. Along with the screen protector, the package includes flexible wiper, spray bottle solution, microfiber cloth and installation instructions.

Where to buy: Price: $ 7, 85

2. Anti-scratch tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 7 Plus

The Omotion screen protector for iPhone 7 Plus one screen protector very resistant . 2.5D tempered glass offers 9H of hardness and should easily protect the screen from hard devices such as knives, keys or even drops. Along with great protection, the screen protector also offers high transparency, so there should be no problems with clarity. Moreover, it has an oleo-phobic and hydrophobic coating, so it should do quite well against dirt, stains, oil and fingerprints. The package includes wet wipes, microfibre cloth, dust removal, guide sticker, installation instructions, bubble removal paper and screen protector, of course.

Where to buy: Price: $ 5, 99

3. Matte Skinomi screen protector

Like the other opaque screen protectors, Skinomi's matte screen protector for iPhone 7 Plus offers one smooth and satin surface what a pleasure to use. Full screen protector, which means that the frames will also be well protected from falls or bumps. made of a self-healing, flexible and resistant material that guarantees exceptional protection. Overall, the anti-glare screen protector should do well enough to protect the iPhone 7 Plus display from scratches, punctures, UV rays, smudges and fingerprints.

Where to buy: Price: $ 9, 95

4. Iridescent protective film for Casemate

Have you ever wanted a screen protector that not only protected the display, but also brought a touch of unique design? Well, that's exactly the Casemate screen protection offer. The edge-to-edge screen protector nicknamed "Iridescent" for a reason, as it presents beautiful engraved metallic and iridescent motifs on the screen protector frame. The tempered glass protector, like most other offers, offers a hardness of 9H in a very thin profile. Overall, the beautiful screen protector offers great scratch protection, anti-fingerprint attributes and touch sensitivity.

Where to buy: Price: $ 35

5. Dmax Anti-Spy screen protector

If you travel a lot by public transport, you need to meet people who like to watch your display. Well, this can be quite embarrassing and they might even see something private on your phone. Fortunately, the Dmaz Anti-Spy screen protector comes with a solution. The iPhone 7 Plus screen protector designed with a coating that ensures that only the person in front of the device is able to view correctly the display . Manufacturers recommend full brightness for maximum effect. The full-coverage screen protector has multiple levels, making it resistant to scratches and oil and fingerprints.

Where to buy: Price: $ 3, 49

6. Tranium Soft Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 7 Plus

The protections for tempered glass screens can be a bit too difficult, which is not appreciated by all and for this reason that some people prefer a simple film or opaque, but the good news that Tranium offers a tempered glass protection, which presents a soft surface . It achieves this through a high quality material that is used in screen protection. It also has an oil-phobic and water-repellent coating, which makes it resistant to sweat, oil and fingerprints. When it comes to protection, it is not softer, with a hardness of 9H in a thin, thin profile of 0, 2 mm. Also presents edges slightly rounded to cover corners too.

Where to buy: Price: $ 7, 95

7. Spigen Glass screen protector for iPhone 7 Plus

Spigen is a rather well-known brand in terms of screen protection and offers a rather simple tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 7 Plus. The protector offers 9H of hardness and is designed in such a way that it fits perfectly even if you hooked a case for heavy loads. It also offers great clarity and a TrueTouch sensitivity, therefore 3D Touch should work perfectly with the applied screen protector. The Spigen offer also has an oil-phobic coating, which makes it resistant to fingerprints, stains and dirt. available in one double pack and the company offers a lifetime guarantee.

Where to buy: Price: $ 7, 99

8. Full Coverage Screen Protector for iPhone 7 Plus

As the name suggests, the Sparin screen protector for iPhone 7 Plus offers a edge-to-edge protection . The screen protector in 0,06 mm thin tempered glass offers a hardness of 9 hours and 99% transparent, so the display should be well protected while looking the right way. also resistant to dirt, dust and scratches and offers a high sensitivity, so you don't have to worry about the user experience being hindered due to poor touch response. Full Sparin screen protector available in custom colors for the bezel, so you can get one that matches the color of your iPhone.

Where to buy: Price: $ 9, 99

Add protection to the iPhone 7 Plus Retina display

Well, those are the best screensavers for iPhone 7 Plus that you can buy now. In our list there are all kinds of screen protectors, from tempered glass, to full coverage to anti-espionage screen protectors. So, if you bought an iPhone 7 Plus, get one of these now before you accidentally and too late. Let us know what you bought, play in the comments section below.