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2017 on Twitter: the most retweeted tweets, the most popular accounts

2017 on Twitter here is the data on the most popular topics of the year, on the most popular tweets as well as on people and the subjects most discussed.

Here is how 2017 was on Twitter: the social media released the data of its Traditional #ThisHappened: the collection of the most retweeted trends and tweets, the most popular hashtags and the most popular celebrities.

Who is the most influential person on Twitter?

How was 2017 on Twitter?

Filled with free chicken nuggets, presidents and disasters, based on Twitter data. While the list contains some tweets that are strong, like the guy who got free chicken nuggets for a year for receiving three million tweets and the announcement of Beyonce's pregnancy, tweets about disasters and political tweets represented a big chunk of the ongoing discussions on the social platform in the last year.

The most retweeted Twitt of 2017

Starting with a positive note, the most retweeted post of the year was that of Carter Wilkerson, after asking Wendy how many retweets he would need to win a year of free chicken nuggets; the fast-food chain had said 18 million, but they still gave him the free "nuggs" for the effort after exceeding 3.6 million.

The tweet with the most like of 2017

The tweet most liked was that of former President Barack Obama with a quote from Nelson Mandela, after protests in Charlottesville, Virginia: the tweet became the most appreciated with over 4.6 million likes and 1.7 million retweets.

The 10 hashtags of politics and activism most used in 2017 on Twitter

Politics also played an important role in the list drawn up by the platform in relation to the ten best activist hashtags, with half of the list relating to US President Donald Trump. #Resist and #Resistance took the first place while the supporters occupied the second with #MakeAmericaGreatAgain and the abbreviation of the sentence. #ImpeachTrump and #TrumpTrain took third and fourth place while #NotMyPresident settled in sixth. President Trump's inauguration was the live stream most seen on Twitter this year and in the entire history of the platform.

#BlackLivesMatter entered the list of the most appreciated hashtags for the second year, along with #NoDAPL. Meanwhile, #TakeAKnee and #BoycottNFL have settled in ninth and tenth place among the most used activism hashtags. Although Twitter has not shared numbers, #MeToo not entered in the list, even if it is a tag with over 1.8 million tweets and that was associated with the Person of the Year of the Time Magazine.

Sport and entertainment in 2017 on Twitter

Twitter's instant, short and simple nature also lends itself to comments on sports and entertainment. The Miss Universe telecast telecast was the hour with the most tweets of the year, while the Super Bowl final was the most tweeted moment. The 2017 Billboard Music Awards also had a great global response, in part thanks to the South Korean boy band, BTS, which was also the most celebrated tweet on the platform and the most globally tweeted musician.

game of Thrones was the US television program with the more tweets, while Stranger Things was the most tweeted for streaming TV. Wonder Woman was the best movie based on the volume of tweets.

The most popular Twitter posts of 2017

The most popular posts on Twitter have overlapped with the trends of 2017 on other social networks. #WomensMarch was the fifth most popular activism hashtag in 2017, while the event also qualified as the biggest event of the year on Facebook. A charity tweet on Hurricane Harvey, made by Penn State IFC was the second post with the most retweets of the year with 1.6 million and on Facebook the natural disaster sparked the biggest fundraiser of the year. The announcement of Beyonce's pregnancy was the second most shared moment on Twitter this year and, on Instagram, her maternity photo was the most loved ever.

While some of the best tweets denoted a difficult year for Twitter users, 2017 also brought several challenges to the platform: #WomenBoycottTwitter stimulated the company to pay more attention to the prevention of harassment and the social media also had to implement new regulations for political announcements, after presenting data on Russian interference in the US elections. However. The year was not only negative for the social media, thanks to the new features: Twitter has in fact broken the traditional rule and has doubled the character limit for tweets and has also launched the Explore tab.

2017 on Twitter: the rankings

The most popular tweets of 2017 in Italy

Here is the ranking of the 10 most popular Tweets in Italy for 2017 compiled by TalkWalker.

10) Fedez asks for the hand of Chiara Ferragni at the Arena of Verona

Engagement: 24.800

9) Benji and Fede's Red Faith begins the year with a record tweet

Engagement: 25.900

8) Buffon proves once a great champion

Engagement: 27.400

7) The number 10 shirt passes from Del Piero to Dybala

Engagement: 29.700

Engagement: 30.500

6) Fedez launches PiccoleCose

Engagement: 31,000

5) Pirlo closes his career

4) Valentino Rossi remembers Marco Simoncelli

Engagement: 34.800

3) Nadia Toffa reassures followers of her health

Engagement: 38.800

2) Shawn Mendes guest at Rolling Stone Italy

Engagement: 39.800

1) Totti greets the Olimpico

Engagement: 570.900

The most retweeted tweets of 2017 worldwide:

1. The challenge to Wendy for chicken nuggets

2. The answer ofBarack Obama in Charlottesville

3. Fundraising from Pennsylvania State University for Houston

4. Ariana Grande responds to the Manchester shooting

5. Barack Obama's last tweet as President

The most tweeted celebrities:

  1. The K-pop group@BTS_twt
  2. A record label from South Korea@ pledis_17
  3. The singer Camila Cabello@Camila_Cabello

World leaders who tweeted the most at the time of the election:

  1. Surprise! Donald Trump@RealDonaldTrump
  2. Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India@narendramodi
  3. Venezuelan President Nicols Maduro@NicolasMaduro

The most appreciated accounts of athletes

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo@Christian
  2. LeBron James@KingJames
  3. Neymar@Neymarjr
  4. Colin Kaepernick@ Kaepernick7
  5. Conor McGregor@TheNotoriousMMA

The most popular TV programs tweeted in the United States:

  1. game of Thrones
  2. Stranger Things
  3. Big Brother
  4. 13 Reasons Why
  5. Saturday Night Live
  6. The Walking Dead
  7. Gray's Anatomy
  8. The Voice
  9. Supernatural
  10. pretty Little Liars

The most tweeted films of 2017

  1. Wonder Woman
  2. La La Land
  3. Dunkirk
  4. Spider-Man: Homecoming
  5. Justice League
  6. it
  7. The beauty and the Beast
  8. Thor: Ragnarok
  9. The Black Panther
  10. Fifty Shades of Black

2017 on Twitter rankings