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You sell your personal information, with CitizenMe

If you are shocked by the amount of personal data that companies collect and resell, you can now start your own business and make money on yourself

Most users think that the most common social media and online services are free. In fact, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram and YouTube don't ask users directly for a payment to register and to use the contents shared on the channel, but the transaction takes place thanks to its own data personal and interests, which are used to segment investors' campaigns.


CitizenMeoverturn this concept: the application, already available for iOS (the version for Android on the way) and trying to put the possibility of sell directly to brands the multiple information that can be gathered from their online experience, thus having more control over what, how many and how this data will be used.

The first step – according to the founder StJones Deakins – the awareness of how much personal information we make available daily online: the application in fact designed primarily to help the user collect and analyze shared data on the different social profiles, so as to understand their quantity and depth.CitizenMe open source, so as to insert an additional level of collaboration with people, who can improve and personalize it.

How does it work? Very simple: once you log in with the different profiles with which we are active online, the system collects information and Store on your smartphone (no data is stored on the CitizenMe servers, they say). In this way the user comes into possession of a potentially interesting product for brands and for those who manage advertising.

CitizenMe Home Page

From the Home Page you can check how much data we have shared and how much of our life online at this time used by Facebook, Google, Twitter and other investors to better set up advertising campaigns. The application also contains a summary of the Terms of Service of each individual channel and provides for a notification when these conditions are changed.

The open debate, we must expect in the future a scenario in which everyone will – and above all will – earn from your personal data online? According to Deakins, people will split into two large groups: users old school, which will be able to more effectively guarantee their privacy after the liberalization of this special market, and younger and smart users, who will be able to decide with great autonomy what to sell and how to sell it.

Do you agree with CitizenMe's father? Reply in the comments.


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