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XtremeMac Airplay also for iPod shuffle

XtremeMac Airplay also for iPod shuffle logomacitynet1200wide 1

The XtremeMac AirPlay iPod shuffle model will be on sale starting April 4th.

It is one of the many adapters designed for iPods that are able to transmit the sound of the digital player from Apple by radio in frequency modulation, but the first model specifically designed for the small shuffle model.

Especially useful for those who want to hear through the car audio system the music of their iPod kept in the driver's pocket or even stored in the object holder.

You need a cigarette lighter socket in the car and the power supply to the accessory is secured and if you are not using it it may be the solution to recharge the iPod shuffle with a battery that is not fully charged.

On the AirPlay there is a small illuminated display that informs you on which frequency transmits the music of the iPod shuffle, the buttons present are used to choose alternative frequencies between 88.1 and 107.9 MHz.

The price for the US market set at 50 dollars; in Italy the distributor of XtremeMac ADL – American Dataline products.

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