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WPA3, new standard for Wi-Fi security

Its new security standard for the latest generation wireless networks, WPA3, makes open wifi networks safer. The standard will replace WPA2,

WPA3: here is a security solution for users of open Wi-Fi hotspots. The Wi-Fi Alliance, a sector organization made up of device manufacturers like Apple, Microsoft and Qualcomm, presented its new security standard for the latest generation wireless networks, WPA3. The standard replaces WPA2, a nearly two-decade security protocol built into almost all wireless devices, including phones, laptops and Internet of Things devices.

WPA3 wi-fi

WPA3 greater security for open networks

One of the key improvements aims to solve a common security problem: open Wi-Fi networks. Commonly available in cafes, airports, etc., open Wi-Fi networks are convenient but not encrypted, allowing anyone on the same network to intercept data sent from other devices.

The WPA3 use the cryptography individualized data, which encrypts the connection between each device on the network and the router, ensuring that the secrets are kept safe and that the sites visited are not manipulated.

Greater protection against attacks with WPA3

The new standard will protect against brute-force attacks, making it more difficult for attackers near the grid Wifi to guess a list of possible passwords.

This wireless security protocol also blocks an attacker after too many password requests have failed.

WPA3 replaces WPA2

WPA2, the current wireless security standard, in use since 2004, uses a four-way handshake to securely allow devices with a pre-shared password to connect to a network. The new WPA3 will use a new type of handshake that will not be vulnerable to dictionary attacks.

A new wireless security standard certainly long awaited; just a few months ago the security of Wi-Fi connections was a concern due to a security vulnerability in WPA2 that put at risk every compatible device, including routers, phones and computers.

The new security standard should be made available for the various devices by the end of the year.