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What does Yo have to do with yet another crisis in Gaza

There are basically embarrassing situations that however occasionally manage to pierce, with the power of surrealism, the tragedies that this planet holds for us in profusion. They are theater pieces tucked into everyday life. And the technology produces several.
 Israeli tanks, still at the punctured borders, are once again invading …

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<p>There are basically embarrassing situations that nevertheless manage to pierce from time to time with the <b>force of surrealism</b>, the dramas that this planet holds for us in profusion. I'm <b>theater pieces tucked into everyday life</b>. And the technology produces several.</p><div class=

Israeli tanks, still at the punctured borders, are once again invading the Gaza strip after the climate in recent days Israel and Palestine returned to getting very hot. Young people used as cannon fodder, night bombardments of the Bibi Netanyahu route with dozens of deaths, Hamas M 75 rockets that depart relentlessly towards sensitive targets such as the city of Dimona, near an atomic power plant. In all this, and in particular in the latter case, the clove of ridicule appears: Yo.

S, lapp sprung (as they say) to the honors of the specialized chronicles for its utter uselessness. It serves to send one Yo to the phonebook contacts. A bit old, and never completely clarified, the logic of poke on Facebook. Except that here it is done quickly, in a very colorful little program and, for the rest, without any sense. Send a gimme five virtual and end of games.

Do you mean good morning? Simply Yo. It's still: You mean Baby, I'm thinking of you Yo. What is the point of the new escalation in Israel? I will explain it to you: Want to know where yet another Gaza-fired missile is about to fall? Yo.

Th. The application designed by the 32 year old Or Orbel Israeli base in San Francisco was supplemented by a couple of developers as follows. According to what the Times of Israel just sign up for the notification service Red Alert: Israel, another app launched a couple damages does, per receive automatically also via Yo all notices concerning rockets, mortar rounds and every other threat. Obviously everything from the Israeli point of view. Rocket-Yo. Bomb-Yo. Breach-Yo. Air raids-No for that, no Yo.

There are at least a couple of elements of some interest. One just the one launched at the beginning: it tells the infinite potentialities of a world that, even when navigating in the total enjoyment of a programmer, can churn out useful and creative consequences. This sort of computer resilience that then the figure of our society, where everything can do everything because we have endless platforms available. Just look around yourself. And therefore, in a tilt of values ??and meanings, even an app born for the total fooling around and elevated to the nth power ends up giving us a pat on the shoulders if a razzetto flutters in our parts. From the sirens of the world wars to push notifications.

The other aspect the opportunity of partnership. In the sense that for Red Alert, which also says it is not for profit, considered as an extra key for expanding your audience beyond Israel, among those who support the country from abroad. Notifying wherever possible the rain of rockets coming from the Palestinian territories. And so, but this seems to us, an extra tool to spread one e a certain idea of how things are in those tortured lands. Yo? Not so.


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