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We put more songs on our iPod shuffle

If we have the habit of importing songs into iTunes with a very high bit rate (greater than 128 Kbps, whether it's Mp3 or Aac), their file size becomes noticeable. It takes little because a four-minute song, rather than "weighing" three or four mega instead of fifteen or twenty megabytes. What to do if that's the music we want to take with us to our new iPod shuffle?

iTunes offers a shuffle feature that allows you to manage this situation. In practice, by checking the "Convert songs with higher bit rate …" selection in the program preferences dedicated to iPods, iTunes converts the various songs in Aac format to 128 Kbps on the iPod shuffle. Attention, only on the iPod, so our songs on the Mac disk remain unchanged to the format we have chosen to give them (it is always possible to convert them, through iTunes, remembering that the coding steps work well only by reducing and not increasing the compression level).

What happens in our shuffle? Songs that are acquired in any way you choose (automatic filling, partial filling by playlist or total, etc.) are converted on the fly into AAC at the time of transfer to the iPod. The result is that we will be sure of getting 250 songs (as long as they last an average of four minutes per song) on ??our new small digital player.

Another tip: the second check-in item, "Keep iPod in the source list", keeps the shuffle playlist in iTunes. This is useful if you want to continue to "work" on selecting songs even when the player is disconnected from the Mac. Once connected again, iPod automatically synchronizes with the list of songs it finds in the playlist. Ideal for those who, even without connecting iPod shuffle, want to update the contents of their small digital player, or even continue to play that selection of songs.

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