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Volvo marries Scandinavian music on the iTunes Music Store

Volvo was among the first car brands to embrace the cause of iPod by announcing a system for the integration on board of its cars of the Apple player. The alliance now continues and extends by launching an initiative that aims to promote Scandinavian music and its artists using the iTunes Music Store.

The launch event will be held on March 23rd in Times Square in New York, at the Times Square Studios where a music event reserved for the press entitled ?nu: the sounds of new Scandinavia?, sponsor of the event will be Volvo. Nordic bands of the caliber of Sahara Hotnights, The Ark and The Drowners are announced.

"Nu" in Swedish means "now", exactly like "now" in English.

Volvo, which is now a Ford Group brand, Volvo, one of the car brands most rooted in the land where these rugged cars were born, namely in Sweden, and more generally in northern Europe, will select 12 Swedish tracks each month to put on the iTunes Music Store (US version, since the Swedish one does not exist yet). Some songs will be available for free download and the albums will be distinguishable from a special cover, complete with a graphic variation on the Swedish flag theme (yellow / blue).

Volvo will also send special promotions to its customers, who will then be able to enjoy Swedish music from the iTunes Music Store. On all 2005 Volvo models it will be possible to install dedicated iPod accessories from June.

Janne Grinde of the independent label Hijack Records declared himself enthusiastic about the great opportunity offered to their label and some of their artists.

Just on March 23 a specific page of the Volvo website will be active with details of the initiative, which would be a good idea also for Alfa Romeo and Ferrari who could copy it to push Italian musicians.

We mention Alfa Romeo and Ferrari because, as is known, at the last Macworld Expo in San Francisco, accessories were announced to elegantly integrate Apple's iPods into the cars of the two Italian sports brands, as well as on BMW, Mercedes, Nissan, Scion and Volvo (then consolidated in BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Mini Cooper, Nissan, as Apple's website says).

We recall not only that Alfa Romeo has already shown at the Geneva Motor Show, a few days ago, the accessory for iPod, but that an Italian version of the iTunes Music Store exists laying the foundations for a useful synergy to support Italian artists who do struggling to reach the Apple digital music jukebox.