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U2 concerts on the iTunes Music Store?

New confirmations on the possibility that U2 can put on sale on the iTunes Music Store the concerts that they will hold during the summer and spring.

The prospect, of which Macitynet has already accounted last November, is reaffirmed by the manager of the Irish band Paul McGuiness. Speaking to the online magazine Billboard McGuiness stated that during the study the examination of the technological resources necessary for this purpose. In the event of the possibility of implementing the operation, the ?fans could download the show they just witnessed from the iTunes Music store?.

As mentioned in the previous news on the subject, the business would be very relevant. The U2 concerts (one of which is also planned in Italy) are an event of enormous spectacular and economic importance (110 dates, an estimated turnover of around 250 million dollars) will attract a total of millions of fans, part of which could be interested in buying that which for many of them would represent a real 'heirloom', but which could potentially also be pushed into the iPod world.

Apple (which some voices would like to sponsor the tour) working a little with the imagination, could even design and maybe sell during the concerts a new iPod (maybe shuffle) 'U2 Special Edition' on which, once they get home, upload the concert and propose a 'concert + iPod' bundle at the price of a guarantee.

But without going too far with imagination, the marketing possibilities, given that half of the world is one of the most famous bands and the most sold player on the planet, would be innumerable and all of extreme interest, both for Apple and for the U2.