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The telephone operators block the European Mactorola

The telephone operators stop the European Mactorola logomacitynet1200wide 1

Motorola wanted to release the first mobile phone with iTunes in Europe, but phone carriers have turned on the red light. This is what was learned in the context of the Cebit in Hannover where the house of the flaps revealed some new details about the new "musical" phones developed in collaboration with Apple.

One of these, said Alberto Moriondo, head of the Entertainment Mobile Devices division, the E790 model, a traditional (not 3G) mobile phone that is practically ready and Motorola would have been ready for a summer launch in Europe. To prevent the launch would have been some differences with the managers of the networks that would have opposed its launch. What these divergences are not specified even if some source mentions the technology behind the phone that would not download music from the phone, but would function as a simple player. This could affect the economic return for network operators who would have no way to profit from the musical capabilities of the E790.

But beyond the delay of the phone, which should have preceded the well-known ROKR we talked about several times before and which could be presented next week at the New Orleans Wireless Ctia or a little later at an event concerning digital music in calendar in Florida, Cebit also received good news on the depth of the alliance between Apple and Motorola. The Schaumburg company intends to operate massively in the field of phones with iTunes, of which the E790 and ROKR will be only two models in a long series. In addition to this it was also learned that the phones will be able to store up to eight hours of music, or more than a hundred songs.

"The Walkman of the twenty-first century * said Moriondo leaving little doubt about the trust with which Motorola threw himself into the business * has a name and a face and identifies with the Apple brand"

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