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The best Android cooking apps

Now the kitchen is becoming a passion of many Italians. Accomplice in this diffusion, of course, is the vast amount of television programs dedicated to the world of cooking. Moreover, there are many Italians who have to prepare food every day. So, have you ever wondered if you could take advantage of your smartphone by using the best kitchen apps?

I am pleased to tell you that the previous question can be answered in the affirmative. There are indeed manyAndroid cooking appand iOS that may be useful to you. So I decided to introduce you in this article the best Android cooking apps that will quickly allow you to prepare a good dish at any time. Not only that, you will also find utilities that will simplify your stay in the kitchen, like a binder of your recipes or a quantity converter.

The best Android cooking apps

kitchen app

  • Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

This is the only kitchen application that I present to you in this list that is in English. Collects more than a million recipes suitable for every lifestyle. In fact, you'll find plenty of recipes tailored to your needs, your macronutrients, your allergies and every other preference. I definitely recommend you to download it, so free.

DOWNLOAD | Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

  • GialloZafferano: Recipes

If even once you happened to look for some recipes on the internet, you will certainly come across the site of GialloZafferano. There is also the application linked to the site, in which hundreds of recipes are collected that are suitable for each occasion. I definitely recommend you to download it (free) and try new recipes to amaze your guests!

DOWNLOAD | Giallozafferano

  • My CookBook (My Recipes)

Keep all your favorite recipes in one place! My CookBook a recipe manager with search and import functions. The application allows you to create a real electronic recipe book. Through this unique application, you can build a database starting from the recipes available on the web and using the various import functions offered.

DOWNLOAD | My CookBook

The list with best Android cooking apps ends here. If you know others or if you have doubts, requests or suggestions, don't hesitate to comment!

In addition to the apps, you might think about downloading some cooking eBooks on your device. You can find many in this guide.

Also in this article you can find free eBooks on any subject, including cooking.