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The app market is dominated by 50 companies

There are only 50 companies behind the market's greatest successes. Most developed games

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<p>Six years after the debut of the App Store, the mobile app market  <strong>a superstar economy</strong>: few large groups compete for the market share. A small number of companions that – usually – land (and well) a living with freemium games (initially free games, where then the purchase of money, additional tools and more) is requested as <strong>Clash of Clans</strong> is <strong>Candy Crush</strong>.</p><div class=

To say the new report by Midia Research, who analyzed the world of apps and took a snapshot of the 50 companies that – until last May – made this market their daily bread. The analysis examines about 700 top-app between England, United States, Canada, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

The very interesting result: about l81% of these top apps are published by the same 50 companies. Moreover, of these 700 app around l85% concern gaming, leaving social networks (4.1%), dating apps (around 4%) and browsing apps (about 3%) in the background.

In particular, freemiums work: Supercell, the Finnish agency that publishes Clash of Clans, can throw in app-marketing every day 1 million dollars (and, on average, they return to him 5). In short, the prolific market, and as the report's authors say, Mark Mulligan and Karol Severin: ?Lapp-economy a game-economy ". No doubt.


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