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The 25 most searched words on Wikipedia

The 25 most searched words on Wikipedia tell a lot about us. Entertainment on Wikipedia is king with TV series and characters at the top of the list

The 25 most searched words on Wikipedia tell a lot about us. Entertainment on Wikipedia is king. Users of the English version of Wikipedia tend to focus their research on their media consumption, according to an analysis of the first pages of 2017 by a group of site editors.

The most searched words on Wikipedia

The 25 most searched words on Wikipedia: entertainment in the lead

Most searched words on Wikipedia: because they are important

Because it's important: being the main repository of Internet information, Wikipedia searches can give us an idea of ??what most intrigues people and when. In the tumultuous political climate of 2017, it seems that most English speakers wanted to learn more about trivially relaxing topics, like their favorite Netflix program.

The 25 most searched words on Wikipedia globally in 2017

Here is the list of the most searched pages on Wikipedia, next to each is the number of views in millions. We have highlighted the pentertainment bars

  1. Dead in 2017 37.4
  2. Donald Trump 29.6
  3. Elizabeth II 19.3
  4. Game of Thrones (season 7) 18.8
  5. Meghan Markle 16.9
  6. game of Thrones 16.8
  7. List of Bollywood films of 2017 16.4
  8. United States 15.8
  9. Bitcoin 15.0
  10. 13 Reasons Why 14.9
  11. Baahubali 2: The Conclusion 14.6
  12. It (2017 film) 14.5
  13. Queen Victoria 14.2
  14. List of Indian films that have earned the most 14.1
  15. Gal Gadot 14.0
  16. Logan (the movie) 14.0
  17. Riverdale (2017 TV Series) 13.4
  18. 2017 in film 13.3
  19. Stranger Things 13.1
  20. Wonder Woman (2017 film) 13.1
  21. Dwayne Johnson 12.4
  22. Star Wars: The Last Jedi 12.4
  23. Justice League (film) 12.0
  24. Elon Musk 12.0
  25. Facebook 11.9

Most searched words on Wikipedia trend entertainment

18 of the 25 most searched words on Wikipedia in 2017 they focused on film or television content. Entertainment on Wikipedia is very popular.

Viewers of "The Crown" from Netflix and "Victoria" from PBS tend to want to check the real facts linked to the episodes of the series with a historical background, with the page of Elizabeth II approaching number 3 and Victoria at number 13 and, in line with the charm of the royal family, Meghan Markle, veteran of the engagement with Prince Harry, entered the top five.

game of Thrones so popular that not only the main page of the series arrived at number 6, but the individual page for the seventh season managed to position itself at number 4.

Indian spectators have evidently weighed very influentially on the chart and three slots have been occupied by research related to Bollywood, also stimulated by the Indian colossal Bahaubali 2: La Conclusione (# 11).

More searched words on Wikipedia, technology

When people do not watch TV series or films, they are looking for information on some of the most popular news topics in the world of politics and technology, for example: Donald Trump, obviously at no. 2, the Bitcoin in position n. 9 and Elon Musk at n. 24 and then Facebook at no. 25.

A nihilistic aspect: even though most of the more popular Wikipedia pages had to do with more carefree content, the most searched page last year was "Dead in 2017".