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Telegram alternative to WhatsApp that protects Privacy

As known, Facebook has purchased Whatsapp and when it happened a few years ago, users of the popular instant messaging service wondered what the fate of WhatsApp might be. The most risky aspect could surely be that which concerned privacy, as Facebook could potentially access all our private messages and resell them for increasingly targeted advertising. Probably this did not happen, but if you are equally worried about yours privacy and at the same time you don't want to give up a messaging app, you have to go looking for alternative chats to WhatsApp, migrating to a different service. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the goodness of this app and that Telegram alternative to WhatsApp not a heresy.

Among those we tested, one succeeded in prevailing over others due to its simplicity of use and its similarity to WhatsApp. We are talking about Telegram Messenger, that during the WhatsApp blackouts the one that is mostly used by users. Why abandon WhatsApp in favor of Telegram Messenger? The reasons are many and we will try to list them in this article.

Telegram alternative to WhatsApp

Telegram alternative to WhatsApp

Speed ??and safety

Telegram Messenger the fastest instant messaging application on the market, as it uses a decentralized infrastructure with data centers located around the world. This means that each user connects to the nearest server with a noticeable increase in speed. Also safe, as all conversations are encrypted and are made available only to those directly affected.

Access from multiple devices

With Telegram Messenger, unlike WhatsApp, different devices can be connected to your account and all conversations and media exchanged with our contacts will be synchronized via cloud.

Unlimited group chats and multiple sending of photos and videos

When creating chat groups you can add more than 100 contacts to the conversation, against the 25 contacts that allows you to select WhatsApp. Furthermore, by sharing media, you can add an unlimited number of photos and share videos that exceed the size of 1GB.

Sending video messages in the chat. How to do

From version 4.0, you can directly send video messages in the normal message chat. Here's how to send a video message to Telegram Messenger, but first make sure you've updated your Telegram Messenger app to this version.

To send a video message or video chat, open the chat or select your friend or the contacts to whom you want to send the video message or chat. Tap the Microphone icon, if you are using Telegram for the first time, you may have to authorize Telegram to take pictures and videos. When "Allow access" appears, click OK and on iPhone go to Setup-> Privacy-> Camera and set Telegram to Yes. While on Android, just touch the Allow button.

After touching the microphone icon, switch to the camera. Now tap and hold the camera icon to record a video message. If you're not satisfied with the video you're recording, slide to the left to cancel.

Once you've finished recording, just release the button to send the video to that person. You can also preview the video before sending it.

In addition to these unique features,Telegram Messenger, during the sending of messages, uses the least possible number of bytes, thus reducing the data traffic of our internet subscription. The application is completely free, no monthly or annual subscription is required and there are no banners.

Even the very simple use and the first configuration very similar to that of WhatsApp. simply enter the phone number, enter the code that will reach us by message to activate the account, and automatically all the contacts that use Telegram Messenger will appear among the available contacts to start a chat.

Telegram Messenger available for iOS (iPhone and iPad),Androidand in the version of Web Telegram localized in Italian, Arabic, Korean, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, German. Clients are available for Mac, Windows, Linux and can be downloaded directly on the official website of the application.

Define Telegram as an alternative to WhatsApp a statement that has a solid foundation. The only drawback compared to the most well-known social network that is still not widespread, so it could happen that some of our friends still don't use it.

If WhatsApp has tired you, in this article you will find the best alternatives to WhatsApp to send free messages.

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