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Surface Mini, this is how Microsoft's compact tablet should have been

Canceled from Microsoft's plans a few days before the announcement, the compact tablet from the Redmond company was already ready for release

(Photo: Evan Blass)(Photo: Evan Blass)

There was a moment in the history of the Surface tablet in which it seemed that the Microsoft producer was about to launch a reduced format version; it was 2014 and the rumors were taking for granted that aSurface Miniwould have been presented there in a few weeks, ready to deal with the predestined adversary, iPad Mini. The clash never took place: the tablet never saw the light, blocked at the last moment by the hesitancy of the upper floors of the house in Redmond.

A story that has fallen into oblivion on which the professional Evan Blass leaks, with some unpublished images related to Surface Mini, probably made at that time and designed to be disseminated on the promotional channels of the Redmond giant. In the photos the tablet shows itself wrapped in a red rubber body with a built-in pedestal, equipped with the classic Microsoft nib and intent on executing its app store and the OneNote app made by Microsoft.

(Photo: Evan Blass)(Photo: Evan Blass)

Along with the images, Blass has also spread the technical specifications planned for Surface Mini, which will probably help users make themselves a reason for not launching the gadget. Equipped with a 7.5 inch display and 1440 × 1080 pixels, the small Surface was driven by a Snapdragon 800 processor and the Windows RT operating system. This is not a particularly happy combination, which did not allow the tablet to run the old Windows applications as the Surface can do today, at a time when the Windows Store was the only source of software provided by Windows RT and did not overflow with apps .

Time a few years and times have changed: among all the producers on the square now only Amazon seems to continue to believe in the potential of mignon tablets, and even Apple in recent years has been trying to turn its iPad into a super-portable computer, enlarging it rather than shrinking it . Microsoft may have seen us right then, although with the arrival of Windows 10 on ARM processors planned for this year the Redmond group could be tempted once again from the idea of ??bringing its operating system to such compact machines.


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