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Streaming TV: the best Android apps

tv streaming

Do you like watching movies and TV series streaming over the Internet but your PC screen is too small compared to the TV in your living room? Then you really need to read this guide! Here I will show you how you can start itstreaming TV of all the videos you find on the Internet using your Android smartphone as a sort of multimedia remote control. By following all the suggestions in this guide, you will be able to see any streaming content on your TV in high definition.

Streaming TV Android app

There are several ways to send streaming from your Android smartphone to your TV, it's up to you to choose the best one based on the TV model you have. The most used are listed below.

How to send the streaming to the TV

  • Miracast: wireless technology that connects the screen of your portable device to the TV, so everything you see on one side will be seen on the other. Available by default on many Smart TVs or integrated via HDMI port and a Miracast adapter.
  • Chromecasts: an adapter to add to a TV HDMI port, so as to make it compatible with the Google Cast protocol (available in many multimedia apps).
  • DLNA: the most classic method, with which content is sent via the internal network. Integrated in all TVs equipped with WiFi or Ethernet port.

Whatever method is chosen, the TV will be connected to the same WiFi network or connected via Ethernet cable to the same router to which you have connected the Android device, so that you can "see".

Web Video Cast

Streaming TV

The first app that I can recommend for streaming Web Video Cast TV, available for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Web Video Cast

With this app you will have a Web browser with which to open all the sites containing films and TV series, complete with a pop-up block and integrated advertising content. Once you have found the video to be transmitted, just press on the top of the symbol in the shape of a window and waves and find the TV connected to the network. Once connected to the TV the smartphone screen will show the multimedia controls to control playback, while the video will be broadcast on the TV.

This app is compatible with Chromecast, DLNA, Miracast and other transmission technologies, so if your connected TV will definitely appear in the list of available devices.

EZ Web Video Cast

Streaming TV

If you have a Chromecast you can also use the app EZ Web Video Cast, available at the following link.

DOWNLOAD | EZ Web Video Cast

The app integrates the Google Cast protocol inside a Web browser completely similar to Google Chrome; when a video is detected inside the web page a notification will allow us to "capture" it and start playback on the TV. In order to function properly, it requires the presence of Google Home installed on the Android device.


Streaming TV

If you love IPTV lists, you can play them on your TV using GSE SMART IPTV, available for free at the following link.


It will be enough to load the list of IPTV channels (most of the time in m3u format) inside the app and associate the TV using the Cast button at the top right. All the channels on the list will be played on the TV without any problem!

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