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Smart Replace? welcome back !!!

Smart Replace? welcome back !!!

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NEW YORKAt the cost of ?only? 20 dollars it is possible to equip our mac again with one of the most interesting features of SpeedDoubler. As many readers will remember, after the failure to update SpeedDoubler in order to make it compatible with OS 9, enthusiastic users of the SmartReplace function, more than the real advantages in terms of performance, presented two paths: stay with OS 8.x or contact to other backup products. One step back. SpeedDoubler was born as a software intended to make the applications written for the 68xxx series processors "native" when used on PowerPC. Over time, SpeedDoubler has been enriched with functionality, while the spread of native applications and the ever-increasing speed of microprocessors have made it the end as an application designed to give more sprint to the computer. However, it was precisely the intelligent copy function that made it an unexpected success. The intelligent copy function provides three possibilities when trying to copy a folder to a different volume, which contains one with the same name: the complete replacement of the folder (as the finder does), the replacement (very fast) of only the modified or added files or the synchronization. TurboKey ??and the fast copying function remain in the network. Copy agent then does what SpeedDoubler did and does it very well, indeed it seems like using SpeedDoubler. Too bad there is no update available for SpeedDoubler users: Sorry, it was a whole new product, they told us, in response to our upgrade request. The $ 20 is well spent though! (Edited by Beniamino Cenci Goga)

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