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Selfies, Italians do it in company

New application for the Japanese group LINE, which also launches a survey among fans of the autoscatto

We Italians prefer them in the company (60%), the Spaniards in pairs (33%), while in Germany and Great Britain they are more solitary (both 37%). the result of a survey launched by LINE – the Japanese instant messaging service – which also released for the occasionLINE Selfie Sticker, an app that brings together two digital fads of the moment –selfieesticker-and allow users to shootselfiepersonalizzabiliwith more than 130 stickers.

The Selfie Addicted test tried to trace the different profiles of European selfie lovers: to do so, it involved 27,000 people aged 12 and up, in a time frame of just 48 hours. In addition to the typology, the research shows a different datum in terms ofamount:Spanish and Italian teenagers all beat (42% of boys up to the age of 15 declare to take a selfie a day), followed by England and Germany (about 34% each).

And which one right moment for a selfie? For the Italians when it is aesthetically impeccable (41%), as well as for the English (38%) and the Germans (36%), while for the Spanish it is more important that the moment immortalized is significant (40%). And where they are taken? In Italy and in Spain discos and holidays are the best places (25 and 29%); the Germans instead prefer the mirror (26%), while the English the classrooms (25%).

Below, all the complete data.


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