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Screenshot Instagram Stories: how to do them without getting caught

Instagram has recently released an update that scared many users, revolutionizing its privacy policy and introducing notification in the event of screenshot Instagram Stories. In practice, the application sends a notification to users if someone takes the screenshot or records a video of their story posted on the Social. But the notification does not happen immediately. The first time a screenshot is taken on Instagram, this warning is announced:The next time you get a screenshot, the person who published the story will be able to see it. In this case, Instagramm shows itself kind and warns in advance of the possible risk.

It marks the end of an era for all those who loved to take photos of their friends' Instagram Stories … but maybe not all lost. There is, in fact, a trick that – at least for now – allows you to take Instagram Stories screenshots without getting caught. Read on to find out how.

How to take screenshot Instagram Stories without being identified

intagram screenshot

Admit it, you feared the worst when you learned that Instagram would send an alert in case of screenshots to the stories. Fortunately, with a small and simple trick you can bypass the application and be able to take a picture without sending any notification.

Here's what you need to do:

  • open the Instagram application and select the story you want to save, displaying it and then closing it;
  • once done, without closing the application, activate the smartphone's aerial mode and with the phone completely offline reopen the history previously displayed;
  • Now, take the screenshot quietly. Once the image is saved, then close the story and the app. After that, you can disable the airplane mode.

In this way, you will have saved the history of Instagram on your smartphone without sending the notification to the contact, who will not even see the appropriate symbol in the list of users who have viewed his story. In addition to the notification, in fact, the application shows in the list of friends who opened Instagram Stories a small icon positioned next to the name of those who took a screenshot, so that they could easily identify who did it.

At least for the moment, therefore, thanks to this trick you will be able to save the Instagram Stories without being noticed.

Instagram is changing its privacy policy, protecting the images that users post on social media. In this guide we can see how to view Instagram Stories anonymously.

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