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Rewind promises security in case of system crashes and accidentally deleted files …

Rewind promises security in the event of system crashes and accidentally deleted files …

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NEW YORKPower On Software, the Ohio-based software house known for On Guard, Now Up-to-Date and other utilities, showed the media a new product: Rewind. Rewind was announced last week with a press release that praised the potential for recovery, indeed in the "rewind" of lost data: complete protection from disasters, disasters and errors !!! so the product demo starts. Rewind is based on new techniques, some of which are being recorded, which allow the user to retrace his steps, as if he were using a video recorder. During the demo the software was able to recover deleted files, repair intentionally corrupted system files and even restore a system folder modified by the software installation. Rewind acts by creating on the hard disk a sort of database that keeps track of changes made. The concept is simple: you can always click on the "Rewind disk" button and the program returns you to the pre-existing condition. Did you install a software on Sunday night and the resulting instability made you regret it? Just the classic click on the "Rewind disk" button and Rewind offers you the possibility of returning to the system folder on Sunday morning! Rewind is also able to resolve those critical situations that arise after serious system crashes. Restarting with the "R" key allows the activation of the so-called "emergency startup mode" and subsequently returning to the state prior to the crash. However, Rewind is not a backup program and does not allow to recover more than 50% of the content dell'HD. We look forward to trying it … even if we hope to have it as late as possible! (by Beniamino Cenci Goga)

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