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Playing with augmented reality: Ingress for iOS arrives

Google launches the iOS version of Ingress, an augmented reality game that has been thrilling Android users all over the world for two years

Gaming enthusiasts will have already heard of Ingress, the game launched by Niantic Labs, an internal Google startup that has been dealing with augmented reality and the relationship between mobile app and surrounding reality for some years (for example, its Field Trip app).

In a nutshell, what Ingress allows users to do use the real world as a game platform, using the GPS of your mobile device to unlock a series of portals and control a specific territory. What for? To work on the success of one of the two factions in the game, the Illuminati or members of the Resistance.


The news that, almost two years after the launch for Android, Ingress nowalso available for iOS: Illuminati vs Resistance will become an opportunity for a comparison between Android and iOS users? In any case, have fun with the two factions!


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