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Panasonic: here is the player for AAC

Aac, the format chosen by Apple to build the post-MP3, with greater quality and open management and more rational digital rights (any reference to the format of Microsoft Wma desired) is beginning to buy its own space. Panasonic, the hi-fi arm of the first Japanese industrial group, the giant Matsushita, marries Aac and presents a digital reader capable of reproducing the format.

A tribute also to iTunes and a move that makes the Japanese player a partial but serious alternative to the iPods. There is no possibility, as far as Macity is concerned, that Apple intends to lay off the FairPlay model also to an external company (as the Cupertino company has already reiterated in the past). But the enlargement of the market, with the beginning of a recognition of the format as "standard" certainly spread a positive news.

More and more people, in fact, choose both in the Mac and in the PC world to use the Apple jukebox, iTunes, as a favorite program to manage their music. The possibility of using it also with other players besides positive iPod. However, the link is still missing, ie the way to "show" the new player to iTunes. But some third-party developers will surely fill the gap.

The Panasonic top-of-the-range reader, the SV100V, costs about $ 170 in Japan, has dimensions of 4.3 × 4.3 × 1.7 cm, connects with USB 2.0 and the battery offers 14.5 hours of autonomy. Capacity based on SD card memory cards.