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New range of iPod accessories

New range of iPod accessories logomacitynet1200wide 1

Audio Outfitters, which a few weeks ago had presented ezCharge a system to restore the energy level of iPod's internal battery, able to work with all players equipped with dock. Sold at a cost of $ 18.99, EzCharge features a fuse to protect the iPod's charging circuit.

ezLink are connection cables for iPod. This is the USB and USB model combined with FireWire connector, useful to replace the original ones. The USB cable costs 19.99, the combined one 19.99.

The list also includes earPod, an iPod headphone case that operates by rolling up the cable and reducing its length. It is equipped with a belt support and a system to completely wrap the cable and store the headphones without the risk of knots. The cost of $ 9.99

Special offers

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