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Microsoft is working on a folding tablet

According to rumors it will be similar to the intriguing but never commercialized Microsoft Courier

microsoft folding tablet

The most nostalgic technology enthusiasts will remember Courier, the folding tablet imagined by Microsoft in 2009 and never came to light; an intriguing project, abandoned due to strategic differences within the company. Well despite the cancellation it seems that someone inside the Redmond group has not yet given up on that idea: according to some rumors reported by Windows Central, Microsoft is indeed working on a new folding tablet, from the code name Andromeda, which could see the light in the coming months.

The leaked information describes a gadget based on Windows 10 on ARM, the version of the operating system designed to work on smartphone processors while supporting the same apps that run on a PC. According to rumors, it will not be a smartphone, but it will still have telephony functions and will probably therefore integrate a 4G modem. Finally, the display will probably not be a single folding panel as many expect it to come next year from many sides, but a more sober solution composed of two displays joined by a hinge that will serve to fold the gadget in two.

The original Courier was described by those who worked there as a miracle of technology made from components that would have been difficult to find for mass production, a reason that may have led to the abandonment of the project in those years. Now times have changed: powerful processors with integrated modems are expensive but within reach and Windows 10, with its native support for digital nibs and inking functions, explicitly designed for creating content in any type of context (unlike Windows 7 and even what was preparing to be Windows 8). In the past few months, Microsoft had anticipated that its next product dedicated to the mobile market would be something different from any other product in circulation, but if these words refer to Andromeda unfortunately we will not find out soon: according to information leaked the ghost gadget you will not see the light before next year.


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