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Market app: everything in the hands of a few

The application business the same logic of the world economy follows, willy-nilly: few count so much, and vice versa. The data published by Sensor Tower about the apps on Play Store and App Store, with just 1% of publishers holding 80% of the entire market, counting the downloads. And on the revenue side the situation certainly does not improve, indeed, just as this concentration of the market does not seem to change over time: analyzing the data from 2014 onwards, 1% of publishers have always kept their shares almost unchanged.

The values ??refer to the third quarter of 2019, and well illustrate a situation that has gradually emerged over the time in which the presence of a a small number of developers able to generate 23.6 billion downloads out of a total of 29.6 billion. For the remaining 99% remains the crumbs: 6 billion downloads in all.

Increasingly tight competition that is also recognizable in the increase of applications available on the two virtual stores: they were 2.2 million in 2014, and now they have reached share 3.4 million (+ 65%). Growth is widely expected, moreover, and has been anticipated for some time by analysts who had already forecast a positive trend at the beginning of the year. In summary and overall (data Q3 2019):

  • 1,000 game publishers on the App Store and Play Store out of 108,000 (1%) generate 9.1 billion downloads (82% of the total)
  • each of the main publishers (belonging to the "1% class") counts on 8.4 million installations
  • 99% of game publishers generate 18% downloads (18,000 installations each)
  • $ 16.3 billion of gross income in Q3 2019
  • 1% of publishers generated $ 15.5 billion (95%)
  • 99% of publishers generated 800 million dollars (5%)
  • Tencent, NetEase and Bandai Namco they are the big three player of the games market

Credits opening image: Pixabay