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Manage iPhone X on Android: goodbye navigation bar

If you are a neat freak and you love to personalize your Android smartphone, then you can't miss this guide, in which you will learn how to say goodbye to the navigation bar and use your cell phone via simple gestures. This way of using the smartphone without a navigation bar is becoming viral. In fact, the gestures introduced by Apple on iPhone X are going to be inserted also on other devices, but not on all of them. In this guide you will find out how to use theManage iPhone X on Android with different procedures that change based on the phone and whether or not it has root permissions.

Delete the virtual navigation bar and use the iPhone X gestures on Android

Manage iPhone X on Android

The Android operating system designed to be used via the famous navigation bar or "navigation bar?, In which are placed the classic buttons that, either in physical or virtual form, can be found practically on all Android smartphones. Who uses the operating system of the green robot knows that these buttons are indispensable, but if you want to totally change the experience of using your smartphone, then I propose you a guide that goes a bit outside the box. In fact, in this article you will learn how to do without the navigation bar and use your Android smartphone with iPhone X gestures.

First of all, if your Android phone has a virtual navigation bar, you will need to delete it from the screen. This way you will be able to take advantage of your smartphone's display even better, saying goodbye to those annoying virtual keys that are permanently visible at the bottom of the screen. The procedure to set iPhone X gestures on Android changes according to the Android phone model you use and whether you have root permissions or not.

Eliminate the navigation bar on a Samsung smartphone

The first very simple step for Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and Note 8, in fact there is a simple app that hides the navigation keys, download it from here and install it.

Eliminate the navigation bar on Android without root

Unfortunately for non-Samsung phones there is no app that allows you to easily and permanently remove the navigation bar. There are, however, some models that allow you to delete it directly from the system settings.

Not all Android Smartphones have this option by default in system settings. The ones where you can disable the navigation bar are the following models:

  • Huawei P10
  • Huawei P10 Plus
  • all the Motorola of 2017
  • OnePlus 3
  • OnePlus 3T
  • OnePlus 5
  • all Meizu smartphones
  • some Xiaomi
  • Honor 9

If you do not have one of these models, then you will need to get the system root permissions.

If you have the new OnePlus 5T, you can follow this guide.

Delete the navigation bar on Android with root

With a rooted smartphone you will have the road paved. You will only need to use aBuild.Prop Editor and change the following lines:

# qemu.hw.mainkeys = 0
 e cambiarlo nella riga sottostante
 qemu.hw.mainkeys = 1

if the line does not exist, add it and save.

How to control your Android smartphone with iPhone X gestures

There are several apps that can replicate the iPhone X gestures on your Android smartphone, allowing you to be able to do without the navigation bar.

The first one I recommend is called X Home Bar Pro.A payment, but very graphic and well cared for in the animations.

Finally, you can also download the app for freeSwipe Navigation. It's simpler than the first two but still an excellent solution.

Once the basic commands have been set in the app you have chosen, to use the Gesture iPhone X on Android remember torestart the smartphone to get the final result.

If you like customizing your Android device, then you can't help but read these guides, like this one on how to customize an Android smartphone without root.

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