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MACWORLD We focus on the situation.

MACWORLD We focus on the situation.

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NEW YORK The latest are that Ati announced today in a really untimely press release that to provide new graphics acceleration cards, the Rage 4XL for iMac and Rage 128 Pro and Radeon for some new PowerMacs, for some new machines not yet announced by Cupertino. Even if then the Canadian society has tried to deny itself in Cupertino probable that someone very high in Cupertino if it had rather to bad … Just also for this unexpected "thin" of ATI they have become more and more inflicted the indiscretions on Cube , but since these are not we want to speculate and now we only wait for these last hours to know if cold air has been treated or, in reality, the new G4 (or perhaps an intermediate machine that will be placed between the Pro band and the usual one it will be housed in this curious place (cubic, in fact, about 20/25 cm per side) object. The prices of Apple's revolutionary mouse are slightly decreasing, which has been discussed in recent days but, perhaps, more for a a question of importance (certainly inferior to the new machines) from which the motivation for relegation derives, rather than for the probability (still high) of being presented in the context of Macworld. Although convinced that the FireWir revolution and it is the right path, we must say that the reality of the huge computer stores (although dedicated to the Wintel PCs for 90% of the surface) of the Big Apple is quite discouraging: they accept very few devices of this type (DV rooms excluded) , two or three PCI cards and a couple of hard drives at most. We say this because, to stay on the theme, instead it seems that the IEEE 1394 port must land a little on all Apple machines. From the point of view of the software, it seems that the "sop", apt to "keep good" New York Mac users (and others) who had been prepared for a while to welcome Mac OS X (which unfortunately will probably still be in beta), instead come from Mac OS 9.1 or 9.5, or Fortissimo, in other words a new version with some variations of the current operating system. Follow us on Macity and MacProf to fully experience this Macworld of New York, which is now ready to take off. Yesterday Fred Anderson confirmed that there will be great news, some sources of our sites repeat that it is a memorable event. It's worth staying tuned.

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